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I have acne that has it's ups and downs. One day, I feel confident and notice a clear skin, then the next couple of days, its red and not the same.

I have tried


Clean and Clear

Dan's Regimen.

Dan's regimen was actually workings, for quite some time, then out of nowhere, it kinda stopped.

So, my father bought me Murad. 30 dollars isn't bad for a month and I have heard some good things about it. The only thing is the "purging" process, week 2/3.

So, I am gonna keep this updated, I am on the 3rd day.

I would like to hear, other people's stories about Murad. Good or Bad, I don't care.

So far, it burns. But, it's killing the bacteria. I don't care if it burns, as long as it burns all the bacteria away!

The Cleanser is nice, self exfoliating. Smells like a nice lemon/green tea. It works too.

The Treatment, Burns but kill bacteria.

The Moisturizer is nice and light. Better that Dan's in my opinion.

But, The redness is slightly going down. Nothing radical, so far. But, this half a week. I have no patience, but I am trying.

I am cleaning my face every morning and night. When I can, middle of the day.

I am using BP from Dan's regimen to give me a boost. I love the BP.

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Hi there.

I tried Murad for a bit... worst mistake i have EVER made, honestly.

I never had bad acne, just a bit. So i figured, Murad should make it ALL go away! So i will be perfectly clear! ..nope.

It didn't do much for me, just kept my face at normal. But then.. my face got worse, and i started getting acne on my cheeks, which is very very weird for me. Then it got even worse, and worse. My face pretty much erupted.. i had pimples EVERYWHERE. Then after those pimples, i got scars, if i touched the pimples or not. Its been a year since i got off it.. and the acne has gotten alooooot better, but the scars, not so much..

I hope this helps

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Half way through 2nd week. The purging process was bad...but I didnt pick at it and just let it take its course.

I use the treatmen every 2-3 days. It burns and I hate it. So I replace it with BP.

My face is clearing up. Yes :)! It's smooth, I will continue to use it till I am done. I feel good about this.

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