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BCP Transitional acne?

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I have recently started BCP for my acne. I'm in the middle of my 2nd month and my face is breaking up alot. I keep getting nodules every other day.

They're not as painful as before and they seem to leave faster. However when one goes...another would come and take its place within a day. T_T

My skin was pretty clear around the middle of my 1st month of BCP and i thought it was already working...however after my period it broke out again and wouldn't stop.

I was wondering is it common to break out while your body adjusts to BCP. I have been on BCP before about 10 months ago, but had to go back on cause my acne was consistent.

Also when should i expect results from BCP with acne??

The BCP i am using is ORTHO-NOVUM 7/7/7. i was wondering does anyone uses that also. Before when i used this, i was on it for a year and it worked pretty well.

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I'm not familiar with that pill but IB's are very common with starting a pill.

I think the biggest ? is why you were off it for 10 months. If you just didn't feel like taking it you could be adjusting. If you had a baby or something like that, your hormones may have changed completely. I couldn't take the pill I used pre-baby after having her. I broke out horribly and my derm said that hormones change many times throughout adult life for women. I ended up changing from OTC to Yasmin and like it MUCH better. I literally have zero side effects besides shorter, lighter periods and clearer skin.

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