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Almonds = Acne?

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I read this on absoluteacneinfo.com (link below). I'm confused. I thought almonds were on the ok list. I switched to no suger almond milk (which I love) after giving up dairy. This site seems to favour a low protein plant based diet.


[i]As previously noted, nuts can contain properties that lead to the development of acne; even though they are considered by many people to be ‘healthy’ foods. Steer away from walnuts, almonds and filberts as well as Brazil nuts. While the latter is a good source of selenium, there are other foods that can provide this needed nutrient without the acne related side effects.

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No, almonds do not '= acne' unless you are allergic to them. It is very common to be allergic to true nuts, but almonds are not true nuts. They are the seeds of a fruit related to cherries and peaches which you can also be allergic to, but it's less common. Either way, it's an individual issue and something you have to figure out for yourself.

Their lectin content may contribute to your acne but that's not likely to be a problem unless you eat tons of them or other high lectin containing foods the worst of which are wheat, soy, peanuts and dairy from grain fed animals. I'd avoid those rather than almonds.

And like all seeds, they contain omega 6 oils, which are essential but most people get too much. But again, I'd limit other sources like wheat and grain oils.

Where do they previously note that 'nuts can contain properties that lead to the development of acne?' I'm curious about which 'properties.'

This advice is all assuming you aren't eating almonds as a huge part of your diet. Have like a quarter cup at most.

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Nuts are a great source of protein and Omega 3 amongst other nutrients.

Almonds are good in moderation, a acne.org search will suffice. There's alot of debate.

The BEST nut is the walnut, it's got the best omega3+6 combination.

Avoid cashews and peanuts, they will aggravate acne in most people.

(I had the same queries and I just did a quick acne.org search)

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Probably the only bad thing about almonds is that they contain A LOT of omega-6. If you aren't eating any fish or fish oil (omega-3) on a daily basis, you'll probably get overloaded on omega-6 from the almonds which can lead to acne among other health problems.

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Almonds are fine to eat unless you are allergic to them. Almonds are one of the most healthiest nuts. Just remember to eat nuts in moderation. I eat nuts almost every day, usually one serving, sometimes 2.

I just tried almond butter and LOVE it. I now prefer 100% almond butter over 100% peanut butter. What do I mean by 100%? One ingredient - the nut.

So, if you love almonds like me, eat them unless you are allergic to them.

To an Acne Free Life,


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