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Salon.com reporter would like to talk to you

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Hi you guys. I spoke to David, a journalist who writes for Salon.com, and he's writing an article on pimple popping. As is often the case, reporters like speaking to everyday people who encounter a problem, or have interesting on-the-street insight. He asked if I would pass along his request, and here it is. Feel free to email him directly if you'd like to take part.



I'm working on a story for Salon.com about pimple-popping. Consider it sort of an expose -- who does it, why people do it, different schools of thought about it's effectiveness, etc. I'm trying to find people who might have stories or strong opinions about pimple-popping and who would be willing to speak with me for this article. Have you struggled with pimple-popping in your life? Maybe had bouts of doing it compulsively? Perhaps you found a method of pimple-popping that is most effective for you or have gone back and forth between periods of abstention and popping. Heck, maybe you're just fascinated with the notion of pimple-popping -- YouTube videos of pimple-popping draw hundreds of thousands of readers. If you think you've got a story or something strong to say on the topic, I want to hear from you. And rest assured, I'm a serious journalist, writing for a serious outlet -- this is not a gag or meant to be a story written at anyone's expense.

If you'd like to get in touch with me -- and I hope you do -- I can be reached at [email protected].

Thanks and I hope to hear from you soon!

David Marchese

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google the reporter...give him the benefit of the doubt... if he does publish it at someones expense he will have to deal with his conscieness.

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