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Working at fast food?

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I don't know if this is at the right section of the forum, but if it's not, then feel free to move it :)

I used to have severe acne, but all of that is gone after my doctor prescribed me PanOxyl soap bar. It worked wonders!

I work at a fast food restaurant, Tim Hortons... it's like Canada's Starbucks... We're always busy and everything. My question is, that the heat coming off from toaster, coffee pots, that constant heat... does it have the same effect as if you were in the sun? In other words, if your skin is sensitive to the sun, will your skin also be sensitive to heat? Constant heat? Not sun heat, but as in like heat coming from like toasters, and pots, and coffee steam and all that.

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Others should chime in.

But my two cents would be that it shouldn't be that much of a problem. No UV and Gamma Rays from the sun. The heat would make you sweat and sweating is not bad but you should dry your face from sweat with a clean towel. Sweating actually unclogs pores. Heat opens pores so you shouldn't be touching your face ever when your that hot unless your hands are clean.

If you use any foreign topicals this may cause various problems. But during the day I like to keep my face without any chemicals on it. At night I use BP on spots. Hope this helps.

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