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Clear, except for a few regular cystic spots on my forehead?

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Within two weeks, the regimen almost completely cleared my skin. It has been an awesome two months with the regimen... exceeeept.. now I'm getting cystic spots on my forehead. Like two or three, and after they clear up, another two or three will come. My forehead has always been my problem area, but I've never had cystic acne. I've never understood how painful they can be, and they can be really damned painful. When I turn my head upside down (styling my curly hair) and I guess blood rushes to my head a bit, I can feel every cystic spot because they throb painfully.

I wouldn't be complaining if the cystic spots were instead just a couple of inflammatory spots, but these HURT. Am I doing something wrong? Is there something else I can do for these spots while on the regimen? I've done well with following the regimen for the last two months, and I don't understand how I suddenly get cystic acne. Other than that, I can say this regimen has been the best thing for my face.

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Make sure none of your hair products are getting on your forehead, and let's be sure you are using lots of bp since that is your trouble spot. And if you haven't added in the AHA lotion yet, now might be a good idea to do so. That may help boost the clearing of your forehead.

And make sure you aren't irritating the forehead area. Are you reaching up and brushing your bangs out of your eyes frequently and touching your forehead? Have you been wearing any hats or stocking caps?

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I don't really touch my forehead when I push my bangs back with my fingers. I push them back and to the side so I don't touch my forehead. I use organic hair products, and I don't use any product on my bangs. I did up the amount BP on my forehead for the last couple of days, and that seems to be working so far. The three cysts have cleared up, and when I wash and apply BP, I don't feel any knot-like raises on my skin signaling another cyst break out. I think you're right about the AHA as well. It's time to start including that. I think the AHA will also help my occasional flakiness. Thanks!

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