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Combo Treatment: Subsicion + Fraxel + Re-Cell

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Day 8: A Week Has Passed!

Exactly a week ago I was coming out the clinic having my Fraxel repair done with the highest setting. The recovery has been incredibly quick! I never thought I was going to get to this stage so fast. I thought it would take me at least two weeks to get to the level where I already am.

A photo for you all after a week of the procedure!




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That is some improvement!!! holy Shit!!! Good luck with your new life man.I know there is microswelling,but even if you have to go again like Dudley.....so what!! for gains like that,thats awesome man.

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wow thats some really good improvement!

my skin right now looks EXACTLY like your skin used to look and seeing this makes me want to get some treatment asap!

my only concern has been the price of getting a treatment like this done.. speaking of which, how much DID the treatment cost?

this is like a reason to keep going for me. i didnt think scars this bad could be healed that well, but this just re-supplied me with confidence for the future and a new goal for the new years lol

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looking really really goood man !! can't wait to see how you look after a month. Btw, i'm sorry if you mentioned this before, but what is the price of each treatment your doing with dr khan ?

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Ur skin looks amazing compared to what it was before!!!! I can imagne how happy u would be right now!!!!

Can u suggest me something... i have a few red marks on my cheeks and a few pitted scars (not very deep), what would u suggest me in that case. Peels? Laser? Just give me a direction and i'll look into that :) I'm getting married in march and want to have a better skin.

Wish u a happy new year!!!!

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Looking good man, you seem to be healing well.

I really hope you will take pictures in ~2 weeks with the same lightning as ur first post, would really show us the improvement and give us some hope.

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Wow.. what a happy note to end the year off with!! It's too early to tell the extent of the improvements, but I can imagine how happy you must be right now. I'm excited for you too! Congrats!

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In my opinion you're all too optimistic. This is still swelling and you have to wait at least month, or even two, to see the real results. Shame on me for telling you the truth.

I have to agree on this one. You just cannot judge when your still swollen from the treatment (you can't see it, but trust me, you are still swollen!)

Because of posts like this, people think lasers are a wonder cure for acne scars. A one and done kind of thing. Usually people see their scars returning after a couple of weeks and never give us an update about it. The truth is, severe scarring takes multiple, intensive treatments spread out over a long time. It takes time for collagen to build.

Anyway, hope your redness is fading rapidly and we see an update in a couple of weeks!

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It seems you' re a pioneer in undergoing this treatment, not sure it has ever been done.

So I wish you all the best, and I hope you get the results your courage and efforts deserve. :D

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Hi everyone!

First of all, thank you so much for such nice, optimistic and encouraging messages. I do feel quite happy that I've done it. I was trying to do it for over 5-7 years and it wasn't until now that I stopped procastrinating and said to myself "The Time is NOW or NEVER" and I went for it. So.. happy.

I also agree with SomeKindOfMonster in the sense that I know that I am still swollen, Dr has told me so and I know from my prior research that micro-swelling this takes up to 2 months to dissapear. So, I will keep this thread alive and will keep you all updated at least once a week and providing photos. Next week, when I am allowed to shave I will take the photos with the same lighting and angle as the 'BEFORE' photos you saw in my first post. I will then continue to do the same for the next 2-3 months.

Now... Despite the fact that I agree with SomeKindOfMonster and the microswelling issue I also have to point out two things:

a) I checked the 'Speedy Recovery' thread on this forum and did my own research and even before I went for the laser I started to take an holistic approach to the swelling issue. I know some Drs. and some of you might not believe in it, but I decided to do it anyway. I have been taking ARNICA, GOTU KOLA and BROMELAIN and I do believe this has made a significant impact. I am just THRILLED by the speed of my recovery in basically just than a week after having such an invasive treatment and after being swollen so much that I was unable to open my eyes one day! I have also been taking Zinc, lots of Vitaming C, Magnesium, and eating really really healthy and with lots of greens and water.

b) Let's also remember I just didn't have Fraxel. I also had ReCell. ReCell is a procedure where they take a sample of your cells and mix them with enzymes in a special device and produce a solution based on your own skin, PH, etc that it was then applied to my skin inmediately after the laser and subcision. ReCell is done to 'ENHANCE' the healing of the skin. That is why this topic is called 'Combination Treatment'. So... as johnscar pointed out, Yes! I am somehow a pioneer by having the 3 procedures done at the same time.

I saw the Dr. today and he says I am healing really well and quickly. He is compleytely confident that the Fraxel and the ReCell will start to do the Collagen regeneration process over the next 2-3 months, so.. I will see decrease in the percentage of improvement over the next few weeks and then this will pick up again as the Subcision heals internally and the ReCell and Laser regenerate the Collagen.

All in all, I am aware that I might still be micro-swollen but I am VERY optimistic about the result over the next months. I have already agree with the Dr that we will have a look at the results in 6 months time and then decide if we need to do laser again or do stem cells in order to take the skin to perfection. But I am honestly expecting AT LEAST 70% improvement with this one-off treatment alone!

For those of you who has been thinking of doing something, I definitely encourage you to do so! and if you are in the UK/Europe, I would definitely recommend you seeing Dr. Khan I am incredibly happy with him. Don't wait.. JUST DO IT!

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ernestoria : wow this is a cool story man.. it really inspiring everyone. Btw, may i know how much money did you spend for each treatment ?

Many of you have been asking about how much I paid for this treatment. I wouldn't like to disclosure a figure, but what I can tell you is two things:

a) It was definitely WORTHY the money!.. and I say that without even seeing the final results, but Dr. Khan is very professional and I have been treated with the best advice possible. Overall, I feel I paid just right for what I got and I am very happy!

b) I visited a few other Doctors in London, a few in Hayley Street, others in Knightbridge and also other areas of London and I can tell you that I didn't chose the most expensive. There were other Drs that treat celebrities that are much more expensive and dont really give you such a personalised treatment. I paid the average between the more expensive ones and the ones that offered me a lower price and I think what I paid was JUST right. I am very happy of having chosen Dr. Khan, great value for money, great service, amazing and experienced professional. I will continue my further treatments with him.

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Guest icaretohelp

ernestoria..dont take zinc for now..i'll explain later. everything else is great tho:)

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this chap who took care of you might really be onto something here with this treatment, and he could change the lives of many other people.

so keep posting the pics mate, as this can help other lads. we need to know if this is the solution, because this far there seems to be no solution for extreme scarring, and if your doctor has got it, then the news needs to be spread around.

also, not sure if you mentioned this, but be careful with the sun mate. I know this is winter, but even now it can be dangerous, so avoid the sun or use some cream.

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