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Combo Treatment: Subsicion + Fraxel + Re-Cell

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Im very concerned. Why hasn't he come back to update the thread? He must have not gotten any improvement after the microswelling went down.

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ylem, you are talking shit as always... everybody in here have seen that ernesto got an amazing improvement on his scarring.... he has also being coming to update his blog when he can.... so dude... try to be more polite because he doesn't has any obligations with none of us...

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I kinda agree tbh. I was initially skeptical about Ernesto's sensational results and was putting it down to micro swelling, but he came back months later and posted new photos.

Remember, it can't be easy to put your scarred face on display online for the whole world to pore over. He's obviously found acceptance and doesn't want to spend countless hours revisiting this time of his life.

It would be nice if Ernesto updated this blog still as I am curious how he is doing these days but he's under no obligation... it's not like he's getting paid to do this.

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anyone else planning to visit khan any time soon?

I'm thinking too visit him...although it wont be till next year.My scars are sooo annoying and Ernesto has had amazing results. I'm sure we all here wish to have results like he...but in the mean time I just purchased my dermaroller to use at home so I guess I will use that for a while and then sometime next year possibly visit Dr. khan

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Firstly CONGRATULATIONS Ernsto for your great results, and thanks for all the inforamtion you have shared with us.

This is for those of you who are planning to do LASER treatments:

first of all Ernesto had very bad acne scars, which are easier to treat even if you think it's the opposite.

The more scars you have, the easier it is to get good results, so if you have small scars and think you can go to dr.khan and get a 100% fine complexion so forget it.

I'm not saying this to be negative, im saying this because I dont want you people to regret something later. I am one of those who were stupid enough and made the laser and become worse than before.

I have the same skin type as Ernesto, have now more scars and hyperpegmention.

This works for some but certainly is a risk.

I think that the best resultats comes from subcision/together with filler or the punch technique, all the other things I really think its bullshit... maybe laser work for wrinkles and people with really bad acne scar, but not for us that have medium acne scars........ like i sad didnt want to be negative so dont take it that way!

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I am sorry my english I think this therapy. DR Gebhard Gramlich has treated five patients. ( www.hagenmuehle.de ) his internet city . according to me the results is very good. but I am afraid.



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Laser procedures alone have their shortcomings. Combos with Recell are probably our best chances of success.

i've been doing some in depth search on Recell from a business point of view (i hava a degree in business) reading annual reports, analysis etc... I will write a separate thread strictly on Re-cell and I think most of you will find it very interesting.

Recell is going through 2 clinical trials for FDA approval in the U.S. They started their burn trial early in the year, however, they have not started their trial for scar repair. They will probably be looking for candidates and that might be a great opportunity for some of you. However, they are only measuring Re-cell as an independent scar solution and comparing its results to dermabrasion. I'm not sure how Re-cell alone is a scar repair solution, so I will have to research more.

Try getting in contact with Dr. John Holmes. Professor at Wake Forest University School of Medicine. He is the principal investigator in the burn clinical trials and can probably get you involved in the scar repair trials sometime in November.

Unfortunately for U.S residents, expected FDA approval wont be til Mid 2013. Surgeons still need training as results can diminish if the procedure or development of the cells are not done properly. In this industry, surgeons only seek value in advice from other respected surgeons so it will take some time before we see Recell properly applied to patients. I don't know about you guys, but i can't wait until 2014. If it weren't for the riots in London, I'd probably be in London right now. I have mild to moderate scarring and will do my best to keep the community informed.

Recell has been approved in Canada since 2009. However, sales in Canada are minimal. I'm not sure what the problem is (however, i do know Avita Medical ... company who produces and sells Re-cell had an ineffective management team that was not able to get the products to market in its early years. Management has changed and has improved dramatically.). I would probably look for a list of doctors who offer fraxel repair (list from fraxel website) and contact each one and ask if they are offering Re cell combos. If you ask them enough, it will give them enough incentive to look into it.. especially with the negativetly surrounding lasers... they should be more than willing to offer a solution that can reverse the shortcomings of laser procedures.

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Whoa I just went through the whole thread, really great results, so glad there is a *cure* for improving scars that will actually work!

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Ernesto, how are you doing now man? Very curious how things turned out after your last treatment! Your results are ASTONISHING and incredibly inspirational! I seriously applaud you for having the courage to be vulnerable and post pictures of your whole journey through this process. Not everyone has the courage to do so. I find it so awesome of you to take the time out of your life to update everyone on your progress throughout. I really hope that you're doing amazing now and wish you all the best! xx

P.S. If you have the time in the future, we would love an update on how you're doing now! :)

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Maybe you wanna write to him and ask how he's doing? You'll do it better than me.

"inprscation", "inpreisation". I'm sorry, what are these words?

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