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omg! im going through the same thing as you!

was on differin in the last 5 yrs and was pretty much clear, but like 3 months ago, i though i grew out of it and stopped using it for like a week or so... and it seemed to be better cos my skin didn't peel like usual, so i stopped for 3 months and now everything is like 5 yrs ago!

with few cysts and lots of pimples! even on the chin which never affected be ever before.

worst part is facing ppl who have never seen me like this!

please tell me how you're coping cos i'm feeling very very down right now. plus it's christmas! :(

i have gotten alot of great help on this! seriously...

someone posted a few awesome things on my topic/blog about my self esteem, go check that out asap.

i have even been putting it into practice :] ex: yesterday i was snowboarding and i saw all the pretty girls, and i wanted to check my face because i hadnt seen it in a couple of hours lol but I STOPPED MYSELF as soon as i thought about how it would make me feel. so i stopped comparing myself to the other pretty girls i saw. and i even said to myself "this is not a beauty pageant". and, its really not, who cares what those other people think, they dont even know you!

:] hope this helps, dear

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i hope you clear up soon cuz you were pretty before

(no white knight)

have you heard about antibiotics causing candida? that might be contributing to your acne

something to look into

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I just want to add a couple things in about diet and exercise. Although eating healthy can help, there are people who eat Mc Donalds every day and have flawless skin. There can be something in your diet that is triggering the acne but it is very hard to pin point. Secondly, exercise will help with stress which will then lead to your body healing quicker. In a study a read (I don't feel like looking right now), in people who weren't stressed out, their body healed 40% faster. I know it can feel like a never ending cycle, of acne leading to stress leading to acne, but if you can find ways to minimize stress you will certainly get better faster. Good luck you!

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^ I agree that something that triggering your acne can be hard to detect like above person has said. I can control my acne as long as I don't drink coffee. I found my trigger but I also learned that canned food is not healthy as well because of sodium. My diet is still horrible and I haven't exercised in a year. I only use dove for sensitive skin soap because other acne cleanser products irritated my skin.

I use to get 10 to 15 new pimples everyday so I decided to stop drinking coffee to see if anythings up. Nothing was significantly noticeable. 2 weeks into no coffee diet, I slipped up and drank ice coffee thinking one cup of coffee won't hurt. This was my AH HAH moment. My face turned red, swollen up, and had what appeared to be big mosquito bite like marks and bumps all over. A couple days later I tried again to see if I was right. Sure enough I had same allergic reaction on my face. It's been 2 years now and I don't get a single pimple unless I drink beer excessively or go nuts on chocolates for a week or two.

I don't think I'm caffeine sensitive either because I had been drinking diet coke (2 diet coke = 1 strong cup of coffee) alot maybe 2 to 4 cans a day to fill the coffee void but I didn't suffer anything big like I had with coffee.

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With that said, I think you are brave posting your pic even with blood oozing from some of your zits lol. I think mine was kinda looked similar to yours, except the coldsore looking blisters on your nose bridge. Most of others usually post their best pics. Gotta respect that. Good luck to you.

well i posted a pic that shows how my acne is w/o trying to be cute or whatever. its not a beauty contest ppl. just showing whats really going on...

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Really brave and honest to put up your pictures. Personally I think it's horomonal totally. How long have you been on Yaz?

I had horrible break outs for months and then figured it was the Yaz. The first 3 months of Yaz nothing but the usual odd pimple then BOW full blown break outs. And where I never even got them before.

Swiched to Diane after my 6th month on Yaz and about 4 months after switching I was clear but had scars and now almost 7 months later no scars and no more acne. Now the hard part is giving up the Diane! ekkkk

BTW I eat all the Diary, sweets and smoke weed often and nothing, I mean I can eat a whole box of chocolates and down a glass of milk and still be clear. If I wasn't on the Diane then it would be a different story I think. That little pill balances out my hormones so I don't have to.

I believe some can have reactions to certain food groups and it can cause acne. I also believe there is a specific diet out there to cure and prevent acne. But I just haven't found it and I'm too scared to come off the Diane and experiment!

ugh acne sucksssss

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