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Well, I've finally given in and accepted that the only thing that's ever going to keep my skin clear is a complete absence of western diet in my life. Bye bye processed wheat, processed sugar, cheese, white rice and all the rest.


Well, I've been going back and forth with eliminating these things for the better part of the last year, and I can say with 100% certainty that that's what causes my acne...and I'll wager it does the same for a lot of people, considering recent studies which have shown that those who don't have that sort of diet almost exclusively don't have acne issues.

It hasn't been too hard to eliminate the foods on a 'want to eat' basis. What's been hard is FINDING foods that are good to eat.

Fruit and vegetables are easy enough to find, as are simple things like whole wheat bread, but I'm really in a rut for meat and poultry products.

All I can seem to find are the fried / breaded variety of frozen crap by swanson. Does anyone know of any good meat products that are largely free of things that have no place in the human digestive system (most preservatives, hydrogenated oils, etc.), aren't breaded, and aren't packaged with things that are?

Yes, I know...go to the butcher. Therein lies my problem. I simply don't have enough time to cook a meal. I have about an hour between classes to eat lunch, and another hour at work for my 'lunch' break (which occurs between 8pm and 9pm).

It's really the last part in my regimine.

For the curious:

Eliminating processed wheat, rice, and sugar from my diet almost completely stopped whiteheads from forming. Oil production dropped to the levels of 'normal' people. Note: unprocessed wheat (whole-grain wheat), rice (brown rice), and sugar (fruit sugars...i.e. fructose) are fine.

Eliminating dairy products (mainly cheese) stopped blackheads from forming, and went a long way to clearing up a lot of the deep-down blackheads that I had originally thought were scars. I can't begin to express how happy that revelation made me.

I've pretty much only drunken water and fruit juice for the better part of the last 2 years anyways, so I can't say that I changed my drinking habits much. I've been told that most clear pops really aren't that bad, since the sugar they use is primarily fructose anyways. The liquid sugar is still pretty awful for your teeth, however, so I don't recommend it.

Anything else can be fine in moderation, of course. One candy bar or a bowl of cereal a week isn't going to make any difference in your skin.

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Hey etna...i'm trying to cut out a lot on junk food and i do believe that food can make acne worst...Could you give me a list of foods that are good for your skin, and a list of foods that arn't....much appreciated...

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Things that are pretty much guaranteed to not cause acne:

Green vegetables



Most fruit*

Sticking to a diet of just the above for a day or two is a good way to get your skin cleared up FAST. after that, start slowly incorporating things back into your diet.

other things that are good for you:

legumes (peanuts)**


low-iodine fish (white fish - baked, not fried)

poultry (skinless)

I genuinely don't eat enough red meat to know if it plays a significant factor in my acne or not. I've heard both ways.

From personal experience, the following things are the worst offenders at contributing to acne:

processed wheat products (white bread, wheat bread that's really just colored white bread, most cereal, anything made from wheat flour)

processed sugars (candy, chocolate, etc.0

dairy products (mainly cheeses - yogurt seems to be the safest dairy product though)

greasy / fried meats.


hydrogenated oils of any type

white rice

*if you have diabetes or are hypoglycemic, fruits might present a problem for you. Also, fruits tend to give most people gas, so make sure you mix in plenty of vegetables in there. or just buy a bottle of gas-x ;-). ALSO! Some people who are hypoglycemic may actually get worse acne from eating too much fruit. be careful.

**obviously, only when they're not cooked in oil. look for 'dry roasted' nuts.

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Hi Etnu

Thanks for the info - very interesting. I'm in the UK so can't really help you with the chicken problem. Could you buy organic/free-range chicken, cook it the night before and eat it cold?

Just wondering what experience you've had with eggs. Are they ok? Also, what's this about soy? I thought that was a so-called health food? Do you know why it causes a problem?


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Hey -- What types of cereal would you suggest? Can you give me some specific brand names that you think won't contribute to acne? thanks :!:

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i agree that diet has an effect on acne. For myself, i think it is butter and other dairy products. I have also eliminated sweets and soda from my diet as well. However i am chinese and I eat white rice everyday =(

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Just wondering what experience you've had with eggs. Are they ok? Also, what's this about soy? I thought that was a so-called health food? Do you know why it causes a problem?

Egg whites, cooked, in moderation, are fine. Remove the yolk (it's generally disgusting and full of cholesterol anyways).

Soy is bad for the same reasons wheat is. It's absorbed into the body entirely too quickly - your body breaks it down entirely too fast, promoting insulin production, and promoting testosterone production by proxy. Certain soy products can be ok, such as soy nuts, but avoid things like tofu and hygrodgenated soybean oil.

Cereals? Corn based, WHOLE grain based, basically anything that isn't made of rice or 'wheat flour' is generally ok. If you must have milk, use skim. I prefer fruit for breakfast, myself.

Also, keep in mind that it's mainly a serious reduction of these types of foods that are going to make a big difference. You don't necessarily need to completely eliminate them.

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I eat bread every day, mostly its whie bread.

Is Rye bread ok?

I stuck with this for a while and still had breakouts:


2 pieces of Ham

3 Scrambled eggs

1 tomato

1 litre of water with a lemon squeezed in it

2 pieces of rye toast with butter


500ml water

1 large turkey/Bacon sandwich with white bread, lettuce, tomato, oninon, green peppers, olives, mayo, Mozzarella cheese.

1 orange or piece of fruit


Roast beef, with gravy, maybe Ham or Chicken or fish sometimes

Mashed potato or baked potato



1 litre of water

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Sierra, go easy on the meat, and three eggs a day - wow - you've got an appetite.

Meat and eggs can contain all sorts of cr*p that you want to avoid. Try just one portion of meat a day. Buy organic free-range meat and eggs if possible as they contain a lot less hormones and antibiotics.

Also, increase the amount of fruit you're eating. Over here in the UK the recommended fruit intake is minimum five items a day.

Cut out the dairy - that's butter, cheese and the mayo.

Here's a typical day in food for me. I'm acne free.


Camomile Tea

Porridge (oats)

Apple/Banana/Orange/Plum/Some other fruit


Salad Nicoise (tuna, potatoes, lettuce, olives, tomatoes, egg)

Natural Bio-Live Yoghurt


Chicken stir fry with lots of veggies.

Also I eat about three apples and two bananas each day and drink camomile tea or water throughout.

NB Too much water at meal times dilutes your stomach's digestive juices, making digestion less efficient.

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Eggs can cause problems? I usually have eggs everyday. I eat 2-3 a day, sometimes hard boiled.

I'll start eating alot more fruit.

Ditch the dairy.

Try to have salad for lunch.

The thing is I don't have many ideas for dinner. what are some good meals for dinner?

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I'm happy that this worked for you, but I just wanted to throw this out there. I'm an extremely healthy eater (organic, mostly vegetarian, low fat, high protein) and I still have bad acne. It's a genetic thing. My argument for people who claim that exercise cures acne is the same. I'm all for people being healthy, but I'd hate to have someone make these changes specifically in an attempt to clear his or her acne and be very disappointed or depressed if it does not work. It's important that people develop healthy life habits for the purpose of just being healthy and not with unrealistic expectations. Thanks!

PS: DON'T DITCH THE DAIRY!!!! You need the protein, calcium, and vitamins!!! Really! That would be very unhealthy. Just eat egg whites (no yolks), skim milk, yogurt, light mayo, Blue Bonnet light margarine, and fat free or light cheese. If one chooses not to consume dairy for vegan purposes, one should still consume soy milk, soy yogurt, and calcium supplements in order to get the benefits of dairy.

Also, sticking to a diet of nothing but vegetables for two days would be harmful to your body. And what your body will do is go into starvation mode and start to store extra fat and slow your metabolism.

As for dinner meat ideas: I cook for one (myself) and usually eat some sort of vegetarian soy "meat." Soy is good, good, good (not hydrogynated soy bean oil, but no hydrogynated oil is good)! There are lots of different kinds to try (and they really are very yummy). Pizza burgers, regular burgers, meatless balls, chicken patties, chicken nuggets, sausages (patties and links), corndogs, egg rolls with un-chicken, hot dogs, and my favorite, riblits! They are all substantially lower in fat, have no or almost no saturated fat, and a crazy amount of protein. And fish is also a great choice (but not the strange breaded squares).

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I think I should start a healthy diet too. I drink SO much soda, I know I shouldnt.. It doesnt make my skin any better, and its bad for your teeth. So, NO more soda for me. I am going to drink lots more water too, and eat more veg and fruit. I'm going to cut out fast food, well.. 99% of it, and eat less greasy foods. I doubt it will last, but I'll give it a go

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