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I work with actors and models... and i hate them all...

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I'm a producer for a large multi-media company in Canada. I've interviewed some huge celebs, from the twilight dudes to Matt Damon. Usually I work with b-list actors and celebs who are extremely talented and have flawless skin. Standing next to them makes me feel untalented and ugly.

Googling "Celebrities with acne" always makes me feel better. It's nice knowing that brad pitt has bad skin, but still managed to become one of the sexiest men alive.

Anyways, i guess when it comes down to it, it's my talent that matters. No wait, the media industry is fully of shallow and materialistic people. Nuts...

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Why are you hating on them? it's not their fault their skin is flawless...but yeah I see how it makes you feel bad, I feel bad too whenever I see someone with flawless skin :( don't see how that can make you hate someone though.

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I guess I'm bitter. A few months ago i had semi-flawless skin and was offered a bunch of television host positions, but have no confidence to follow through with them anymore. But then there's always radio... ughghgh

Remembering lines and being born with naturally clean complexion does NOT make you "talented".

True, but there ARE talented actors out there with flawless skin who i wanna punch in the nuts.

I'm exaggerating with the 'hate' thing, but u can see where the bitterness comes in.

Look up "cameron diaz acne". it will make you feel better (in a sadistic way) ^^

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