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Women & Cystic Acne - Can you share your success?

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I'm 36 yr. female and probably like you have tried soooo many things...I'm exhausted. I just started to get bad jawline cystic acne and I'm sure it's due to breastfeeding my 9 mos. old. I still want to know what has worked for you to get an idea of what's out there. My skin was fine up until 2-3 mos ago so I know my body is going through some hormonal fluctuation.

I am doing the EPO intake and currently on the regimen, but, not noticing any improvement on the jawline side only on the front of my face. No back/chest acne. Just lower jawline and some chin. The jawline seems to get worse and worse....my self esteem is truly crashing.

Experience you want to share?

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I went through the same thing when I started weening off nursing. Honestly the ONLY thing that worked for me was going back on the pill. Sorry if that doesn't help

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The only thing I can suggest is the pill. I take ortho tricyclen lo and it pretty much wiped out my jawline acne. When my acne does come back I try to deal with it by eating less sugar and carbs (white flower products). When I'm strict with my diet, it makes a difference. When I cheat (even a little bit) it shows up on my face.

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I started getting pimples when I was pregnant with my second child at aged 21, I was sure it was hormone related and figured in time it would go away... instead it has become worse every year to the point where I'm scarring and also finding that some pimples are lasting as long as 4 weeks. I am now 31 and have tried just about everything. I read these forums often and have even tried the niacin which seemed to be successful for so many others. It seemed as if it was going to work for me too for about 2 weeks and then things went back to normal. I basically had had enough and went off the niacin and everything else I had been taking. I have a pretty good diet anyway so that's never been a problem.

Recently I started Bikram Yoga (also known as hot yoga) with a friend basically to become fit. After just two sessions my skin was changing, glowing... I still had a few old pimples but was not getting any new ones. I went 4 times in the first week and apart from one pimple left my face had cleared completely. I went to the doctor in regards to the remaining one as it has been there for four weeks and this time actually out of interest made that doctor take a swab test. Two days later got the results back that it was staphylococcus virus. He was telling me that it lays dormant systems and for some people can be more aggressive that others. So basically when I have those ever lasting pimples that are hanging around for a lengthy time it would be because of that. He gave me a topical antibiotic for the skin and said if I get a pimple to put a little on.

For me this has been a miracle, I now do Bikram yoga 3 times a week minimum and if i ever do get a small pimple which is far more rare now i put a little of the prescribed antibiotic on and nothing comes of it, it's generally gone within 24 hours. My face is clear, something I have had in a decade!!! Not just that but even the scarring is going away. This last week has been the first week I have gone out without makeup on for a decade. It's wonderful!!

I believe no matter what we're all different and different things will work for different people, however it's so worth getting a swab test done if you haven't. I've had doctors put me on so many different things for acne before and nothing has ever improved my situation, clearing they were prescribing me the wrong treatment. I just wanted to share my success story with you all :)

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