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Oral contraceptives

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I need a list of common oral contraceptives, and common brand names if they exist.

All I know if is Ortho TriCyclene (sp?) and Yasmin.

Howevever, I don't know if there are brand names for these or what.


P.S.: This is for an Acne.org rating system application. wink.gif

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Hi Halide

This may help (table at bottom) as it shows brands / dosage and Progestins. http://www.dermadoctor.com/pages/newsletter225.asp

the list is big - I would only bother entering Nordette®, Ortho-Cyclen®, Ortho-Tri-Cyclen, Yasmin®

2 that aren't included on that list are Diane and Estelle - both are brand names for pills containing Cyproterone Acetate and Ethinyloestradiol. You can't get this in the states but it is common in australia, new zealand and britain.

Spironolactone is not a BCP but like bcps it is used for its anti-androgenic properties.

Hope that helps



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I was on Ortho Tri Cyclen for about 4 years and the effect was apparent at first but then wore off.

I just started Demulen (generic name Zovia) on Sunday and my doctor said its used for clearing skin because its high in Estrogen. So right now its a bit early to tell but I have been using Spirolactone for 2 weeks and have definitely noticed a change in oil.

P.S. Seasonale the new birth control pill that allows you to only have your period only 3 months is supposed to really BREAK YOU OUT!


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