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hey i saw this section of the forums and i thought it be good to go on a rant and express my feelings. just to get it off my chest. im not necesarily looking for a reponse but feel free to comment if you in the same situation.

things that upset me about my acne. i hate it when people with little or no acne tell me that its not as bad as it seems or im making a big deal about it. i know there supporting me and i appreciate it, but it just frustrates me when i hear this. even with just 3 or 4 pimples i know it can be alot worse, but it also could be alot better. i hate seeing one pimple go away and gaiing confidence only for a new one to form that day or later and lose my confidence again.

another thing that hurts my confidence is when you learn new advice and you try it, and then it works for 1 or 2 weeks and you gain confidence again. then doing the same thing on the exact same routine it suddenly stops working and then boom confindence is gone. thats always fun, im also tired of having a big event that i wana look fly for and end up with terrible skin for that day. i mean what the heck. i mean i thought i was on this strict schedual. i gota wash my face every morning even if im tired. then i gota wash my face every night even if im out with friends or somthin. and for what same amount of acne? it bothers me that i am on a strict strict routine for my acne just to contain it. while my friends do nothing, if anything do things that should worsen acne aand they have clear skin.

while i orderd the products of this site and im eagerly waiting to try it. but my confidence is mixed. i dont dare get it to high and then not have it work. that would take me down a few notches. but i do look foward to it. any way. that rant felt gooood/. if anyone feels the same please respond. or tell me what bothers you about acne. thanksss guys

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Aww don't feel too bad! We're all on the same boat here.

I wish I could just go and do whatever without worrying about my skin you know?

I WOULD do the following if I didn't have shitty skin;

Go out and have fun until early in the morning

Not wash my face and be happy and carefree

Eat Drink Do whatever I please

Stay over at my friends unplanned more frequently

Be super happy

I'm ok now, my skin has gotten a bit better but still in the morning I check to see if it's gotten worse or better and I do the checking SO MUCH. it's kind of driving me crazy. I always have to KNOW that my skin looks presentable.

I was on a sort of strict healthy diet before but honestly it just drove me mad. like everytime I had a craving for something sweet, I'd be like ah I can't take it cause it contains SUGAR. but lately I've given up on that and I still generally eat healthy (not because I have to but because I want to and I like to) but every so often I munch on pizzas and eat cookies (I don't like fizzy drinks, sweet snacks, candies to begin with so none of that) but if I want to stay out and drink alcohol with friends I'd do it because I think what's the point? worrying about this isnt going to get me anywhere. just enjoy life man, and take it as it comes!


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