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How does one use jojoba oil exactly?

Is it used like a wash? I doubt that.

But I have read that it's supposed to be like a moisturizer? So you'd just massage it in and you're good to go?

From the Oil Cleansing Method thread, I read that you could massge some into your face before a shower, and then take a shower and let the steam help soothe the oil in, then wash it off at the end. Would that be a nice method?

Like, were I to do something like this:

1. Before shower, wash face with warm water (open up pores).

2. Apply jojoba oil via massaging.

3. Step into shower and shower as usual while letting the steam open the pores even more (thus allowing oil to seep into open pores).

4. Rinse off and use Satin anti-microbial wash to get rid of everything.

Would that be okay?

(Also, I have two sub-questions:

1. Does the brand of jojoba oil matter? Or are they all the same?

2. What exactly does jojoba oil do? When it's in my pores, is it killing bacteria, or doing something else?

Sorry for all of the questions, but my prescription medication is running out, and I'm starting to feel this immense urgency.)

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Some people choose to use jojoba oil as a cleanser, and to do that you'd massage it all over your skin (no need to wash first; washing multiple times can irritate your skin, and irritation can lead to breakouts), and then you'd either wipe it off (which leaves a bit on your skin to act as a moisturizer) or you'd wash it off.

My understanding is that the Oil Cleansing Method works on the basis that oil can break down oil, so the jojoba oil would help to break down all the grime on/in your skin. (I haven't looked into it that much, though, so I might be wrong on that part.)

Other people chose to use jojoba oil to moisturize, and to do that, most people just mix a few drops with their moisturizer before applying it.

I don't think the brand of jojoba oil matters much, but generally, people lean toward using organic jojoba oil. Acne.org jojoba oil and Desert Essence seem to be the most popular brands.

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Okay, thanks!

Would jojoba oil work better if I exfoliated first, do you know? In the case that it does, is there an exfoliant you'd recommend (preferrably something I could use for my body, too)?

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