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@asiangansta Yay thank you :)

Best of luck on your course! Feel free to pm me if you have any questions.

@blueasyou :))))) Thank you!

Odd, yet amazing. I kept having dreams about breaking out really badly last night, so I kept having to rub my face to see if it was real or not. It wasn't. I love this.

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Day 130

Only 2 weeks left! I feel like I should be taking this for the rest of my life. Dependency disorder :crazy:

Side-effects: Lack of concentration/motivation. Chapped lips on and off. I feel like my back needs cracking all the time.

Acne-wise: 3 recovering spots. And I've still got blackheads, on my nose mainly. Hmph.

Right - http://i872.photobucket.com/albums/ab290/a...3/Photo11-1.jpg

Left - http://i872.photobucket.com/albums/ab290/a...93/Photo8-1.jpg

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@NodFlenders Thank you so much! It's so wondeful hearing it from other people; it's hard to see it myself sometimes.

@I hate bumps :thumbsup::yinyang::-

@Enterprice Yay, thank you! Oh wow :blush: you're too nice.

@blueasyou Thank you! It's going by way too fast!...:silenced:

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you look wonderful! Seems like some of the most attractive people I know get screwed over with acne. Good luck with the rest of your treatment!

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Hey guys! I'm going down to Louisiana with my mom today. We're leaving the house in 2 hours so I figured it'd be easier to just stay up and post update pictures while I'm at it :)

I lived in Louie until 8th grade so I have my best friends and my moms family there. I haven't gone in a year tho, I hated going with bad skin, so I'm really excited to see everyone finally feeling happy and confident. I'd always feel like the ugly ducking so this is good :) And crawfish.

Side-effects: I'm not sure if this is accutane related or not, but my feet are getting dry and blistered so easily. Yuck. And I still feel stiff. Crack my back please? Dry and chapped too of course.

Acne-wise: Light healing marks and one tiny spot on each cheek. Never felt happier before a trip. I made a point to pack mostly strapless shirts. Hey back, hey chest. :)

Left http://i872.photobucket.com/albums/ab290/a...93/Photo5-1.jpg

Right http://i872.photobucket.com/albums/ab290/a...93/Photo3-1.jpg

"It's not that unusual when everything is beautiful."

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HereComesTheSun: U made such a fantastic progress!! *envy*

Its such a great thing to be able to hang out with your love ones and not worrying anything about acne! I hope that one day.. i'll gain back the confidence i used to have... *pray*

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@krey thanks pal :)

@celticsbigthree thank you!

i had such a great time on my trip, not worrying about food or bleaching my friends sheets... i even shadowed one of my friends at school just for fun one day and i loved it. it was so weird/amazing going through a whole day of school not needing to touch-up or mop my face.

@strawberryfieldsinperth thanks girl!

@fel_han thank you! you're skins looking great too! love yourself :)

@acnechemist thanks :)

but i have three spots right now, so i'm kind of worried accutane wont clear me completely with only a few days left... :(

Edited by HereComesTheSun:)
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iDONE! and a little worried...

So I took my last pill this morning, ah. :genius:

But I still have blackheads on my nose mainly and a cyst on my cheek.

Well this isn't what imagined...

Overall my skin is SO much better, but this cyst is really concerning me... Should I beg for another month or should I just pray that once this cyst is gone that will be the end of it.. ?

I'd love anything you have to say!

Edited by HereComesTheSun:)
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HereComesTheSun: Im happy for u! U finally took your last pill! U have come such a long way! *hugs*

Ermmm.. is the cyst bigger than the usual ones u got in the past?

I think i get paraniod very easily.. if i see a cyst coming up and im done with my course, i would seek consultation with my derm and let her advice. Its better to let the professionals tell us what to do. Just my 2 cents worth =)

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@fel_han Aw thank you :) You look beautiful.

Oh no, it's just my norm cyst. Same old same old. But I guess I should just call my derm and update her on my skin status to see what she thinks. Thanks for the advice!

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Two days post accutane.

left: So happy with this side: No actives. Smooth, except for a really tiny raised scar tissue? I dont mind it. Just really light fading marks.


right: I had three cystic break outs on my cheek and two small ones on my chin. The last healing cyst just peeled off when I got out of the shower - I love jojoba oil! - and now I'm just waiting for the marks to heal, and crossing my fingers for no more break outs.


side effects: chapped lips and soreness.

If you're contemplating of taking accutane, DO IT :)

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