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Sort of Kind of Late Accutane Log - Claravis 40 mg

Hi there... first post here. I've stalked these forums a bit since I've made my discovery, and have found quite a good bit of information. In fact, a good amount of it led me to want to start Accutane. I am currently on day 38. I know, kind of strange to start my story now, but hey, at least it starts right off the bat with some interesting info, huh? Anyway, let's start from the beginning...

On day 1 I would describe myself as having severe acne. My forehead and chin have never been troublesome areas, but rather, my cheeks and my upper lip. God, the upper lip. If only I could have moved all of those zits and added them to my cheeks instead. The upper lip has to be the worst possible area for zits... it looks more horrible there than any other part of the face and feels incredibly uncomfortable. I could actually feel my upper lip because of these freakin' zits. So basically, I began with a clear forehead, clear chin, cysts on cheeks and a large amount of whiteheads above the upper lip / below the nose.

It wasn't until the first week was over before effects were actually happening. My face was INCREDIBLY dry. Holy cow. It would hurt to make the slightest of facial expression or movement of the mouth. I also began to notice that the whiteheads were spreading. My lips didn't start becoming chapped and dry until the second week. It was here that I also began to notice that my face, in general, was becoming more flushed in color. Everything felt like it was tightening up and pushing it out of my face. By the third week, practically all of my white-heads were gone. For the first time in a while, all of my white-heads in the upper lip area were gone. However, I still had some scars, and my cysts were only the slightest smaller. But I could tell that they were getting smaller. By the end of the first month the cysts on my cheek have become more irritated and red, but evidently smaller in size, and my upper lip area was replaced with small red marks rather than irritated white heads. My forehead also began to break out a little, but my chin is still unaffected by anything else going on with my face. By now, my face is still dry, but not to the point where it's painful. Due to my face being as dry as it is still, my derm has recommended me to stay on 40 mg for another month, and then up to 80 mg once my skin has gotten used to it. I have weathered the storm, and that's more than enough of a booster for me to get me through to the end.

This is my current dilemma. It's been slightly over a week since the first month, and I'm having two issues. One, my lips are constantly dry despite constant moisturizing. I've gained one huge split in my mouth that makes it difficult to speak. It's been here for two weeks and refuses to heal despite half an hour moisturizing. The slightest smile seems to break it open and I begin bleeding. Yes, it hurts to smile. Second, probably the much bigger issue, is this white crust on my upper lip. It seems that all that acne was replaced by this crust and I haven't the slightest idea of what's causing it or how to prevent it. It looks I have a milk mustache. It's not evident anywhere else on my face except for where the hairs of my mustache (or rather, where my mustache would be if I had one) grow. I've concluded that it has to have something to do with my facial hair growth (which is shaven if that helps at all), but I can't figure out how to prevent it. It's not dead skin, and it's not the hairs themselves that have been dyed, as it's still there no matter how close I'm shaven. It's just this disgusting mysterious crust. At first I thought it was the moisturizer I was using, something recommended by my dermatologist, Aquaphor. I stopped putting it on that area for three days to test if it was doing anything, but there wasn't any change. I simply can't figure it out and it looks absolutely ridiculous.

Anyway, this is where I am at this point. I can tell that the pores on my face have shrunken, and that the red zits have become more red, but smaller. Slowly, I am making progress. But now I have this ridiculous white crust mustache that simply doesn't go away at the moment, and we'll see how it fares in the next week or two or twenty.

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