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Does age have any effect on the Initial Breakout?

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I am 21 years old and am currently on my second day of Accutane. I have mild, but consistent acne and was wondering that since I am older and have been on every medication in the world tha maybe my I.B. wont be so bad?? any comments? thanks!

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I think it mainly comes down to dosage and just how your body handles the particular drug. I took many oral meds for acne before, and I think that it might make you break out a bit less if you switch directly from one to another, but it really seems like luck of a draw for those who don't get the bad IBs.

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I don't think age matters too much. BUT BE AWARE. I also had moderate acne (not severe with pitting scars or anything) and began taking accutane in August 2009. Within 3 weeks, I had the worst acne ive ever had. My initial breakout was absolutely horrible, especially when I was just starting school. Now, Accutane has given me good results, but some of the redness from those initial pimples has not gone away. In the end, it was worth it. You have to be ready and willing to look horrible for a couple of weeks. (It was so bad that I didnt want to leave the house.)

And I was on 20mg a day at this time.

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I went in with mild consistent acne and my IB wasnt too bad, like your basic breakout, but it did last fairly long, id say about a month. I did happen to get a few massive cysts which I didnt get prior to accutane.

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