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I didnt have acne too long, about 6 month, then i got accutane and it faded away after 1 year.

then i was left with some small scars, actually i only saw 1 "bigger" but i was so depressed, i thought about it every day, all day long. 16h~ about 1 year. it killed me mentally.

well, i got into needling then, needled this scar and thought it got better. so after 1 year i finally got happy, one day to another. was amazing! i wasnt depressed at all anymore cuz i felt it got better up to 40% and i can live with that.

so i lived 2 years normally, i was one of the "others". then after those 2 years (cud kill myself) i started to check my skin again, hell i have no idea why.

the funny thing is, in those 2 years i asked myself "how the fuck was i so stupid and check my skin all the time in the mirror and on the photos, fuck i was stupid, haha!"

so i sat there for minutes to hours just watching my skin under every light. and the scars i thought were small, got bigger and bigger, just by watching. now i saw them again, i even saw those i didtn see before. they got bigger and bigger, everyday, every hour i watched them.

then i saw myself in some mirrors, and all of sudden i was seeing them in all the mirrors in my house, but i didnt see them in those 2 years before.

i even saw scars of people, but i didnt notice them before! its fucking weird, iam so depressed now, AGAIN, i cant understand it. it was so good to live and not care about scars.

am i a weak person? or maybe iam just not intelligent enough to get over it? i have no clue.. just thought id share my story with you.

my english isnt the best, hope it was readable.

edit* thought it give it another title, as it seems the other wasnt attracting any people^^

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lol Dan should really hire you, that is if you aren't working for him already :dan:.

Ozwaldo: Sorry to hear your scarring has been such a problem for you. I might be going on accutane pretty soon, so the issue of scarring is in the back of my mind a little bit. But right now I just care about getting rid of my acne. Remember that many of us are our own worst critics, especially when it comes to skin problems. Don't let it get you down, just try to enjoy life as much as possible. I doubt you are mentally weak, actually I think people on this forum are probably mentally strong from all the shit we have to put with because of our skin. Also I suggest you take a look at the "scar treatment" section if you haven't already.

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