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Given up - back to doctor on monday

I know everyone has downers and there to be expected.

well i am fed up of shaving and then realising the extent of how shit my face looks but also makes me feel 10x worse than it looks. stops me from living my life. turning down dates, turning down going out, turning down the gym. its just not worth it.

Just cant do this to myself anymore. Don't have the will power to keep wading through success stories, trying them only to fail and to have spent the money and time doing them, over and over. just punched the shit out of my pillow to take anger out then had a little sulk and seem to feel better.

was going to try avoiding bread next week and see how i go. but as of tonight i look like shit and so i just cant keep going so decided to fuk that idea and just go to the doctor.

its not that my spots are in very high numbers, its that my face constantly has bad pigmentation marks from the spots that come up at random where ever they like. its a circle that i cant break. i cant remember the last time i didnt have a mark or a spot on my face.

being totally clear is an unrealistic view, i just want to look clear like i did before. where i didnt even think about it.

i am 22 yr old and this dosnt seem fair that eat healthy, work out, drink just water. avoid alcohol when i can and tried all sorts of potential cures only for it not to work out.

booked to see the doctor on monday and see what he can do. which will be more than likely an anti biotic.

i hope if i do take one that when i come off it i would have naturally out grown acne and then can forget about it.

looking back my face looked its best whilst on them. so why not go back to them.

this time i will take a probiotic along with it and hopefully this will mean i wont get leaky gut or anything like that

feel free to slate me.

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