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New to Spiro

Hi all.

As you can guess I was just given 200mg of Spiro for cystic acne... I am 35 and have tried EVERYTHING from Rx, over the counter, homopathic....ect....

So may my doc thought this was the last resort. I would have thought that would have been the accutane I took several years ago... but hey thats why I'm not the doc. right?

Anyway - been reading up on this drug - sounds kinda scary.. I am not on BC -so should I be??? (I am married so maybe the doc thought that was BC in itself...lol)

I am excited about having clear skin, but dont want to pop up preg and having issues with the baby.. ya know

Anyway thanks for your help and I am grateful that I ran accross this website in my research..

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Hey tmin!! Well glad to hear you are on your way to clear skin! There are known birth defects with spiro so maybe a BC is a good idea for you if you are thinking of getting prego? I am married as well but I am not on BC in fact I don't really want kids at all..But I am not worried about becoming pregnant and I don't want to be on BC so I am not sure I am much help to you there!!

As far as what to expect.. I don't know it seems to differ with the individual I and many others had an Initial Breakout that was THE worst in our lives ever. I pee more now, but I always did before too..so its just a bit more now. It made me sleepy the first week or so..but I take it at night to combat any side effects. Also you will definitely get a headache if you don't drink enough water. My skin is actually kind of dry now.. It really does lessen or nearly stop oily skin and my hair is way less oily too. Which I see as a plus for the most part. Hope that was helpful =) I have been on spiro over 40 days now, started at 50 and then got bumped to 100 2-3 weeks ago. My cysts HAVE STOPPED completely, and I am not getting ANY new pimples. The old ones are being quite stubborn so I am getting some facials when I get home! Oh and don't stop using your topicals for a few weeks at least.

Good Luck!!

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You will need to use some form of birth control while using spiro (b/c it can cause birth defects) but it doesn't need to be the pill. I've been on it under a month and haven't seen an IB. I also have noticed less inflammation but I'm still oily. My derm said 8 weeks at least for results so I'm just waiting it out. I'm on 100 mg a day since I started and I'm on Yasmin.

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you should prob be on BC if your worried about pregnancy it could really damage a fetus, like im guessing it might mess your babys hormones u also it helps your periods to stay regular while on spiro. dont be scared to go on it though. its not a dangerous drug in most cases esp. if your on low dose (25mg a day to 100mg a day, even many women are fine with veing on higher)

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