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Healing my post pustule red mark?

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Well I have had acne since I was probably 10, I am now 20. Within the past 5 years prob, I have been getting pustules. Those fun, embarrassing disgusting white heads. I get my acne on my upper lip area and chin, so around my mouth and nowhere else really. I had some pustules in the area and have had red marks there for it seems like a few months. Right now I am on Minocycline 50mg 2x daily, and Bactobahn generic version gel 2x daily. I wash with Purpose Soap followed by Oxy 10% Benzoyl Peroxide 2x daily. I also sometimes use Vitamin E Oil on the pimple. Are there are good over the counter products to get rid of redness? There are no pimples or heads or anything in the spots and haven't been for a while, but to people it looks like I have acne there when it is simply red marks from acne that was there at one point. I have read about Visine for redness, and tooth paste. I also have used calamine lotion, but I think it ended up drying me out too much and making me dry. I don't know if it really did too much for the redness. Once again, I just need something for redness, so I am open to anything. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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I've been taking Vitamin C for redness/red marks left after my tiny pustules, which I think has helped with cell turnover or something like that? Read acne.org's reviews of it! Unfortunately I still have some small ice pick scars from them, but they are becoming less and less noticeable as well. Remember to exfoliate and moisturize too -- they will fade eventually. I just went to my dermatologist this week and he wasn't concerned with my marks, said they will fade in time which I'm pretty sure is a given anyway.

Good luck!

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