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acne.org bp treatment

Of course. 2.5% BP is legal for sale in the US. You can buy it elsewhere in other brands.

You seem to have a concern, but I'm confused as to what that is. Are you concerned about the *quality* of Dan's products or the *safety* of BP in general?

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if you go to the store, then click "FDA compliant" in the top right, it gives an explanation.

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The FDA requires that any product containing an active ingredient enter into and pass FDA required stability testing and assays. In our case, this means benzoyl peroxide.

Stability testing involves using an independent testing facility to place the product in an incubator that is both hot and humid for several months in order to simulate two years of normal shelf life. This procedure is quite expensive but is necessary to assure consistent product effectiveness over time. I submitted Acne.org Benzoyl Peroxide to such a test and the formula passed.

Each time our manufacturer makes a new batch of Acne.org Benzoyl Peroxide they also send several samples of the batch to an independent lab who assays the sample. This means that the lab checks to make sure that the percentage of active ingredient in the product is in the same as the amount stated on the label. Our manufacturer is extraordinarily conscientious so every batch has passed this assay easily, but they will nonetheless continue to present samples to an independent assayer each and every time to be certain.

Quoted from the store.

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