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Least Harmful Alcoholic Beverage

Since ive been on accutane (10 weeks) I havent consumed alcohol...

With exams finishing soon and the break around the corner its going to be tuff not to have couple drinks here and there. Im completey aware of the whole alcohol and accutane background after reading some threads but I really dont think it will hurt me if I drink a LITTLE bit on new years eve and another day throughout the break. Im a very healthy individual with all my bloodtests coming back completely fine thus far.

So, my question is, if I do decide to finally enjoy and outting and have a couple alcoholic beverages, what would you all prefer, thats the least harmful??? I know wine is up there, but if im going out to a bar/club I have to scratch off that option lol...ANy ideas??

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hey yeah i drank while i was on accutane but if u gonna drink take the pill in the morning and drink later at night and also kno that its easier to get drunk while u on accutane soo u can drink to the point where u get tipsy but not drunk ..i did the same and everythin was okay :)

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i recommend a drink called Propel. it is grape vodka, water, and a splash of cranberry. tastes just like the fitness water :) I like it because it isnt too sweet, the water helps keep you hydrated, and its lower calories than most drinks. i drank regularly when i was on accutane and never had any problems with my blood tests

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