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hi im on my 2nd week on roaccutane and doing ok i guess, really itchy skin and lips are sore and cracked mainly in the corners iv got a little rash on my hand but its easing off now,my bones feel a little stiff today too apart from that its ok... OH my skin in itself it quiet sore today iv got a few sore spots(more like lumps) on my chin too.

id just like to know if i can drink on these caps??? also when iv finished the course how long do i have to wait to start a family???? x :surprised:

i take 3x20mg daily all in the morning x

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Nope dont drink! I strongly advise it, the accutane leaflet says not to, derms, doctors say not to. So dont do it!

As for starting a family, you will have to ask your derm for a definite answer but i know the drug can stay in your system for a good 3monthd after you stop taking. Also, you arnt supposed to have invasive surgery for 6months after you stop taking the drug so i imagine if you are looking to get pregnant, its goings to be about 6months after you finish the course.

Hope that helps!

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My derm told me that they don't mind me having a drink (it is Christmas!) and said that I shouldn't get pregnant for 12 months or so.

I'm confused with the whole drinking thing because it seems like different doctors have different advice, particularly if they're US or UK based by the look of it. Basically, alcohol can alter your blood results (liver and cholestrol) as can the the drug so combining them both can cause problems.

I'm going to drink but not over do it. :)

ps. I'm on day 10 of roaccutane.

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