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Anyone read German?

I've been looking into hormones more lately and polycystic ovary syndrome keeps coming up when it comes to hormonal breakouts in girls/women. The latest research is showing that diet may play a role. I'd love to look into this more. There is an article regarding this topic that came out in September 2009, but it's in German. Could anybody read it for me and have a quick chat with me to explain what the article says? If you can, please reply to this post or PM me. Thanks!

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well i can try but where can i read it cuz i really cant find the text...

do you have to log in or what?

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This doesnt seem to be a real paper, just a short news report about some discussion at a dermatology congress. No citations either - so judge this with care.

German article can be found here:


I read through it and roughly all said in the article can be found in the wikipedia article which is by the way much detailed:


In summary they state:

In PCOS several hormonal systems are disregulated, they mention:

- The GnRH-FSH-LH axis (PCOS: More LH than FSH -> Upregulation of Androgens)

- Insulin homeostasis (PCOS: Hyperinsulinaemia)

As treatment they suggest:

- Weight loss (this is the only thing they say regarding the title "Diet helps control hormone chaos")

- Insulinsensitisers such as Metformin (still off-label use)

Overall, you're better of with wikipedia. ;)

Best regards from Germany,


-edit: url links dont seem to work -

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