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persistant whiteheads & mild acne


(im 22years old man)

Exactly around 2years ago I had the worst breakouts i couldv imagined. I mean i had horrible acne all over the face. I used a 3month strong vitamin-a based medicine (which pretty much dried my skin to white sandpaper, ofcourse i used moisturaizer though), and the worst of it went by. The last year Iv managed to get clearer skin by basically using

"snailmilk"+aloevera moisturaizer

vischy cleaner

& cold water during evening before bed


cold water+the snailmilk moisturaizer after waking up.

Though now the problem (besides the annoying red marks which the moisturaizer is supposed to help a little) are tiny whiteheads popping out, like 2-5+ a day. Usually they go by quite fast, in a day or two, but they leave a redmark everytime which makes it seem like I'v hit a deadend.

I have no idea what causes these whiteheads but they seem to develope during day, during night the skin rests & in mornings it looks quite decent actually.

The weirdest thing is, they ALWAYS appear on exactly same spots, that have had whiteheads before. The areas they appear are always right and (mostly) left cheek, from below the eyes to the jaws and under to throat. In total iv had max. 5 whiteheads anywhere else except these areas which makes me very suspicious what causes it :think:

I dont eat any white flours, milk products, much of a sugar in my daily diet. Diet is basically:

some sort of meat

dark pasta/rice

2-4L of water

around the ammount of 0,33-0,5L soda of sugar at max.

a lot of fruits

1-2 omega3 fishoil pills a day.

I sleep about 7-9hours a night & change my linen very often.

Anyone have any ideas / tips how to finally crush & beat those whiteheads or is it just some "hormone crap" which cant be done anything about? climate?

Could it be that the skin doesnt need moisturaizer and is clogged or something?


9. Don't apply your moisturizer over areas of your face that are not dry. Applying moisturizer where it is not needed can increase the risk of clogged pores by mixing with excess sebum and "gluing" dead skin cells to the skin's surface.


Im also quite a afraid to peel the skin since few time that I'v done, a small irritation-like breakouts appear, maybe its wrong scrub, though it says it can be used almost daily since the "softness"

Very messy & probably unclear post but hope someone reads it :S

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yea quite probably should, it just that Im trying to avoid using those harsher products anymore, since the whiteheads are so small and just on the surface of the skin.

Maybe its wishful thinking that something I do is causing it..

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thats just it though bud, there are so many varibles its literally a case of trial and error, if you at first don't succeed then try try again

its a nightmare it really is. trying to pin point diet with acne is so so difficult since everyone is different. it really is a pain in the ass this acne lark


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In a fear of jinxing it up, ill add some info now. Maybe theres someone with same problem.

About a week ago I stopped using so much moisturaizer (cut to half about), started cleaning my face with vichy cleanser (the for-sensitive-skin one) and using vichy peeling of same set. I also broke accidently/carelessly from my diet & ate 3 boxes of donuts in 3days with some sodas & other high carbohydrated foods/snacks. I also started to work out again (was afraid earlier this year that it was the cause of my whiteheads).

Since then my whiteheads have cleared 99,9% to this date. My red marks (believe me, there's a lot) have faided a little bit more/faster, atleast it looks like it, and they dont shiny so brightly. In a not-so-halogen-bright light, it almost seems like im clear :a

I think the cleansing also in mornings, adding more sports/workout have sort of done the deed here. Ofcourse when I post this & jinx is landed but what can you do...

I felt like not leaving the stage today on my presentation for the class, for after a long time it was enoyable

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