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So, starting an Accutane log

First I'd like to start off by saying I've never really considered my acne to be that bad, at least on my face. I had very mild acne up until the summer before my sophomore year. Then I started getting horrendous outbreaks on my back consisting of huge cysts. So in January last year my pediatrician prescribed me accutane. I didn't have any IB, and over the 5 month course my back completely cleared up. There's slight scarring on my shoulders, but its barely noticeable.

The problem was, throughout the course I started to break out more on my face. It didn't really get that bad ever, and by the time my course ended, it wasn't in bad enough shape for me to really care (I was just so happy to have my back cleared up). In fact, it was pretty much cleared up by August of this year.

Here's a picture from August (small I know, but the only one I could find)


Then early November I started to break out again, and this time it was worse. Eventually I'd had enough, and went in to see if I could start a second course of accutane. Sure enough, I got the ok and picked up my prescription the next day. I'm on 80 mg/twice a day. I started about 10 days ago, and the side effects were nothing new; some back pain, extreme dryness of lips, etc... but then about 2 days ago I started to have a breakout, and a pretty bad one.

It was almost completely around my jawline and now it's spreading to encompass the rest of my face. Hallelujah for that, this is just what I needed. So I'm hoping/assuming this is just the hyped up "initial breakout" everyone talks about, and that it will pass in time. I know my acne isn't as bad as a lot of people's on these boards, but it's still frustrating. I've managed to get by ok, and my acne doesn't seem to hinder me too much socially or in any other part of life but it's still pretty good at kicking my self image in the shins. As with most acne sufferers, we can all say "oh the things I would do if I had clear skin." Hopefully taking this WMD of a drug a second time will at least bring me a step closer.

But here's two pictures of what my face looks like now, at least along the jawline where it's the worst (specifically on the right side).





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