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Serious Opinions Needed

Right, first off am new to this network, so "hiya guys". Now to the point.

I have bad acne, blah blah blah. The obvious out of the way, now the question I need an opinion on.

I have an interview very soon for a big job and I normally have a beard, have done for the last 6 months because it helps cover the acne, and as a direct result makes me a lil more confident and out going, but what do you think...

Is it better to have a neat tidy beard, at a short length, or be clean shaven, where the acne is vividly highlighted? I've asked my mates and such and those who have seen the difference in me, since I started growing a beard, have said the confidence is a great addition.


(note: I'm 21, with degrees in IT and Business, so I shouldnt be customer facing within the job role anyway).

Thanks for any advice. Marcus

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Moved to the Cosmetics And Style board.

I agree with your friends. As long as you long presentable and are confident, it shouldn't matter whether you have a beard or not. If you're more comfortable with facial hair, just make sure that it's trimmed and looks nice.

Good luck with the interview! : )

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Thanks for the replies guys, and girls. I think I may shave the entire thing, just not have a very close shave, so I have the best option of both worlds, a short beard that looks trendy and the option of it growing back rather fast.

Hopefully that will work, but it really is amazing how peoples opinions differ so significantly, I guess the conclusion of all of this would be, it depends on the other person you're with.

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