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sweating and acne

Hey all, hope your getting on alright.

My current skin regime is clean and clear exfoliating daily wash at night, followed by a simple toner, followed by a clean and clear oil free moisturizer. Then in the mornings i just apply more moisturizer to my face, and this regime has been giving me a some success. My skin isn't perfect, but im quite content for the first time in about 5 years.

However, i want to start going jogging in the mornings. Im a bit worried, because in the past when ive sweated on my face it seems to have given me spots? Now seeing as im not using any cleanser in the mornings in my current regime, im a bit fearful that the sweating is going to make my skin bad again cos i wont be using a facial wash till the evening?

Any advice you guys can give?

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Hi, sweating will actually make your skin better. I run a few miles each saturday and sunday morning, and have never had any trouble with it. Sweating makes you lose substances that are in your body that you do not need. Your body is taking out the trash, so to speak. So don't be afraid and work on your condition!

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Sweating helps acne, basically it is flushing out all the pores which is a gud thing.

I would recommend running before your nightly cleanse, but if you really want to run in the morning, then defo bring a towel to wipe/pat the sweat away. Sweat can cause acne, if ya dont wipe it away, and dont wash it.

What I do, after running/gym is use a facial wipe (the one I use is the 'Simple oil balancing facial wipes'), I use me towel 1st, then wipe me face with one of them, then mosturise.

Its just like doing a nightly cleanse, but not at the full extent.

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i reckon when it comes to sweat its good, i dont pat dry my face whilst in the gym, i just make sure as soon as i get home (within 10 mins) i wash my face with luke warm water.

i think patting it dry whilst working out is more likely to block the pores. dont ask why i think that i just do

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