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I've been on Yaz for almost two years and want to stop to see if I like being on it or off it more. I started taking it mostly because of PMDD but also because it helps with acne (which it has).

There may be a strong chance, if I stop, that I will want to go back on it but I'm not sure if it's good to put my body through such hormonal changes. I want to just stop taking it when I'm done with the current pack but should I just wait until I go for a checkup? This sounds like a dumb question lol but this is the only BC I've been on and I've been taking it continuously....opinions?

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You really should talk to your gynecologist first, but coming off of it probably won't hurt you. You could have spotting. Your PMDD might come back. Your acne might come back.

But . . .

I have PMDD, too, and it can get to a dangerous level (as in, I get suicidal). If PMDD is also this bad for you, you definitely should talk to your doc before doing anything that could cause it to come back.

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If it ends up you want to come off BCP, other meds can treat PMDD, too, like SSRIs (antidepressants). You would only take it while you normally experience symptoms, so like 1-2 weeks per month. I take Prozac regularly, but increase my dose for a week each month.

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Hmm, I am too hesitant to takes antidepressants, and I'm not sure I would need them, but i will see what the doc thinks. I would

like to try and manage the symptoms on my own with some lifestyle changes so I may just complete this cycle

afterall without first talking to my doctor. I have 5 days to decide :ermm:

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I know my daughter regrets coming off Yaz and Spiro. It's taken her nearly a year to get her skin clear again and it still isn't where it was when she went off last winter. She had no marks, bumps - no nothing.

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I already have hormonal acne and I stopped two weeks ago. I believe hormonal acne is along the jaw and chin/mouth which is where I'm getting pimples. I'm hoping it doesn't get out of control!

I'll be sure to keep you updated, Steven :P . I'll even send you PMs of daily occurrences, you down!?

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Last update:

The acne and PMDD came back!!! :mad:

*sigh* Really discouraging to work on getting clear skin along with Yaz for two years and it ALL comes back in a matter of a few weeks, well two months to be exact. So, I have to deal with clearing red marks for a few months but at least I know that there is a definite connection between hormones and acne and I definitely have PMDD...

Hopefully no one takes this as being unable to stop hormonal treatment of acne because I'm also very stressed with school lately. I think this was a huge contributor to the acne, and especially, PMDD.

I wonder if this means I will always have acne? Or until menopause....what a wait. I think I'm done with this thread so feel free to PM me or leave questions

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