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Are these red marks permanent? pics inside

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Hey guys i want someones opinion whos been through red marks and acne and seen them fade or stay on their skin.... does this look permanent? and also i have active acne on there so try to ignore that and look at the flat red marks on the skin please.. i only have them on my cheeks thats why all the photos are like that. is my acne considered mild, moderate or severe? thanks in advanced everyone. the only red mark that really really is scaring me is the one circled... its the only one that is actually big and isnt just a cluster of small ones from pimples.its been here for like 5 months ... any opinion on that one from you guys? [atta

much appreciated thank you..

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I don't think any red mark is permanent but there are factors and the degree of depth the red mark which can last a while or may not, but there's no such thing as a permanent red mark.

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