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Enlarged pores

has anyone managed to minimise their enlarged pores permanently or at least for more than 3 months alone without any treatment in between that 3 month period. what did you use?

they say enlarged pores cant be permanently fixed but can be "minimised" what does that mean, surely if it can be minimised for a period of time it will eventually minimise to its perfect tiny size or do they mean it can be minimised for say a week and then no matter what it will return to its previous massive size despite endless treatments applied to it over the years

im on salicylic acid 20% peels once a week and use bio-repair oil for my moisturiser once a day, i notice my skin is near perfect- very tight but perfect- 2 days after a peel but say a week later my skin dosnt look like its improved much, if i stick to the regime for a few years, will i notice a permanent difference to my skin?

thanks all

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try CIT - collagen induction therapy. the treatment uses a roller and then a cream (with vitamins, retinoids, etc) is applied to the skin so that it seeps into the microsized holes made by the roller. downtime is very short with literally no damage to the superficial skin. this procedure increases the absorption of the cream by at least 1000%. look it up and research. it is very promising.

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hey thanks for your reply. i will definitely be researching more into CIT and dermarolling, ive already found that it can work with enlarged pores which is great news as all this time ive assumed that it was meant for scars around the cheek areas and sides of the face, and not for enlarged pores, and it it gives me something new to read and try out, thanks again

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