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Diets (No carbs/ No Dairy/ No Grains?)

Hey guy's I've just got a few queries - I don't want to start a debate on which diet outranks which.

Hey guys, I've been reading threads about no grain diets, low carb diets, and no dairy along with other stuff.

Q1: I was eating popcorn for dinner and realised that corn is considered a grain. I eat museli for breakfast, oats and the like - would (airpopped) popcorn and museli be considered grains/bad? :eh:

Q2: I know it may work for some people, but wouldn't cutting out on grains be detrimental to health?

Some people also go on a carb diet (similar to atkins) and wheat is the big nono. I was eating subway and they only have multigrain and wheat. Multigrain is on white bread, you would presume (refined all the way) which is bad (although the grains are good) and Wheat is 'bad'.

Q3: Should I avoid bread then? I can't imagine living without it!

Q4: Could anyone sum up the point of these diets?


above link: The 'truth' about acne and carbohydrates? :huh:

All this nutrition stuff is really getting to my brain.

I was going to go vegetarian for the sake of my acne and was also going to go gluten free and no grains.

However, I think I'm just going to drink soy milk INSTEAD of cow's milk, drink lots of water, eat more veggies and fruit and generally cut down on the sugar, salt and fat (which I already do).

Diet tips would be greatly appreciated.

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1) Popcorn for dinner isn't the healthiest choice to begin with, grain or not. Corn is just starch. As for the museli, the types I've tried usually have sugar added to them, which could be bad news for your skin. Plain oats, both rolled and steel-cut, are fine.

2) I cut out all grains except for brown rice and quinoa for a few months and looked sickly. Now I eat steel-cut oats, oat bran, wild rice, and bread without an issue. The key here is that it "may work for some people," but for others like myself, cutting grains makes things worse. The fiber from whole grains such as oats and brown rice helps with blood sugar balance and digestion, and in turn can actually help acne. However, t is always beneficial to cut refined grains like white bread and regular wheat bread, as these have been stripped of their fiber and nutrients and are basically empty calories.

3) You don't have to avoid all bread! Look for a sprouted wheat bread like Ezekiel or the Trader Joe's brand; this bread won't spike your blood sugar like white bread and normal wheat bread will, and is high in protein and fiber.

4) A low-carb diet may help acne, but only because the dieter is likely eating more veggies, less processed junk, and fewer calories, and not because carbs spike blood sugar because the "good" carbs don't do this anyway. Insulin resistance is the problem, not carb intake.

Be careful with the soy milk; it can break some people out BADLY, and it's healthiness is controversial. I'd suggest hemp milk instead, which has some Omega 6 and Omega 3 in it that can help acne. The rest of your diet sounds good. Don't forget to include healthy fats like those in nuts and olive oil, which can help you get enough calories and keep your energy.

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I'd say if you want to eat carbs, eat yams. They are one of the world's most nutrient dense foods. They are also Low-Gi, which would be fine for a low-carb, low GI diet.

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Thanks for your great answer quirkypixy! Thanks to the other posters too, I'm not too big on carb diets. I just want to cut everything refined out.

I'm going to throw some back at you quirkypixy.

1) Okay, so popcorn (airpopped) isn't the 'healthiest' choice but it's not bad is it? I like it as a healthy snack.

2) If my museli had sugar in it I'm going to track down the company and rage - wth puts sugar in museli? My museli is 50% fruit, then oats and stuff. Might go check out the label/get an organic one.

3) Oh, so wheat is the same as white? I thought wheat meant wholemeal so I always got it at subway. Doh! That means there's no good bread at subway.

4) Rye bread is good?

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The responses you will get here is a disarray of different diets which everyone ignorantly thinks is the best. My advice would be to do your own research online and take w/e ppl say here with a bucket of salt (that includes me). A book that really cleared some questions from me was "The Dietary Cure for Acne" but its regimen did not completely clear me; I am sure other books posses the same kind of data, don't know which. Another good idea would be to go into a hypoallergenic diet (and I would do it semi-high fat), it is better than getting tests since tests can be wrong. It is much, much, much more difficult than getting a blood sample, but will be more accurate as long as you don't cheat and do it long enough. Never stop experimenting, we all have to find our own triggers and problems. GL

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The biggest thing is to eat more real, whole, anti-inflammatory nutrient dense foods and less inflammatory, nutritionally void processed foods and drinks full of sugar, refined carbs and hydrogenated/trans fats. And to avoid anything you, personally, have an intolerance for. Which you will have to figure out for yourself by avoiding foods. And the most common problem foods wheat/gluten and dairy, so you really should avoid both completely for a period.

And you also need to address any digestion, stress, adrenal or liver health, etc issues you may have.


And no, there is no good bread at subway. There really isn't anything good at subway. Don't eat such food often.

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