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My story, how flax oil and borage oil cured my acne

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Hi guys I'm not sure 100% where to post this, but as it involves supplements I figured here would suffice. Im a 20 year old male who has persistent mild acne for 7 years. It seemed every topical I tried would only slightly help the problem, and in some cases (Retin-A) broke me out worse and irritated my skin badly. For the past year Ive been using a combo of jojoba oil and bp. This worked well but never came close to solving the issue. I wanted to be near 100% clear. I noticed some things however: I had extremely oily skin, and my family has a history of excess testosterone (mom and aunt have hirsutism) so I did research and saw that DHT (which is made from testosterone) is the major implicator in skin oil and consequently acne.

I started taking borage oil, as I had read that it is especially effective in lowering DHT. This further helped but still had me breaking out once in a while especially if I missed a few doses. Fish oil made me break out in nasty cysts (no idea why) so I put off taking omega 3's. I assumed I was allergic to them.

I recently got reminded about the benefits of flax oil and ALA, and how its a powerful anti-inflammatory. So I ordered hemp oil instead, as it has ALA too. Been taking 2 tsp's hemp oil and 1 tsp of borage oil daily and my skin has never felt or looked better before in my life. Any pimples I do get are much smaller and heal much quicker, within a day or 2. My skin in now longer an oil slick, where I have to rinse it during the day as it gets caked with oil. My skin doesnt get as inflamed as before either. I also use a micro-dermabrasion cloth weekly to exfoliate which helps tremendously. So the point of the story is that this is a treatment that I believe should be discussed and considered more often, and to always kind your mind open for acne treatments. Traditional topicals IMO aren't the best way to treat the underlying issue.

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