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Red Marks Seem Worse in the Morning...

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Hi All,

I'm a 18 year old guy that's been struggling with moderate acne. I've been using doxycycline to great success and it has done a great job healing up my active acne, and I know have very little left (1 to 2 small zits). I take 50 mg daily. It has done nothing for my red marks (which are pretty shallow, but extremely visible). I've been using baking soda exfoliation, ACV, and drinking more water/lemon juice. It has slowly been helping with my red marks. As the day progresses and after the treatments my red marks seem lighter, and they look pretty good right before I go to bed. Then I take my doxycycline and go to sleep. When I wake up, however, my red marks seems worse. I change the pillow sheets and try to sleep with my face off the pillow. Is doxycycline making my red marks worse?


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That's surprising, for most people red marks look a lot better in the morning and worst at night. Try not taking doxycycline for a night, or a couple nights and see what happens. I sleep with my face on my pillow and my red marks are a hell of a lot better in the morning, actually in the morning I don't have red marks, it's when I got hot/sweat/stressed that it actually comes out.

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doubt it. and person above said what i would have said. and the doxy isn't suppose to remedy red marks anyways.

i really wouldn't recommend baking soda, it's a pH issue really. try and wear sunscreen if u arent alrdy.

im also taking doxycycline as well. and i haven't noticed a negative change in my pigmentation.

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