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Drying your face

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Yeah, so like i always used to leave my acne alone as much as possible, because all my major acne seemed to form near where previous acne was. I thought that maybe this was because i had knocked a spot or soemthing and the acne juice went somewhere else and made a new spot close by.

How wrong i was.

You see, what i would do was have a shower or a wash and then when it came to drying my face i would not dry my face properly. I would have been really tentative around where the spots were and not patted the towel firm enough to dry it. So what happened is i could get water or shaving foam left behind where the acne was and it was this which led to more spots close by.

I have noticed quite large improvements simply from drying my face more firmly after i washed. It may hurt a bit if you have a feircy bit of acne somewhere, but in the long term a lot of acne can be avoided. So i pat with the towel a bit and after that i use my palms to sort of press against my face, to sort of smear away and moisture left behind. My breakouts have been much less since i started doing this.

Hope it helps.

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Well, i don't mean ruthlessly dry your face so that you completly aggravate all your spots.

I mean be firm when drying, honest, it really has helped me. And of course, this is the only time when you mess about with the acne, its no excuse to go picking at it. It can hurt a little at first when drying the face firmly, but this really does help stop acne from forming in the first place and in turn you will find that quite quickly you will not have the painful acne to aggravate. So it gets easier as you go! :)

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I just realised that i posted this in the wrong forum.

If a mod could move this into the severe acne forum or maybe the mild acne forum, then it would be appreciated. :)

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Yes, wash the face properly and forget about the pain of your acne. ;)

Keep trying to fight the pain which can hurt your heart, but the soul will fight on. :D

Keep the face dry and try to let the healing begin, but not too much dry or the healing will not begin ;)

isabel xxx


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I remember hearing how when you wash your body, you have to dry it properly to completly rid germs and so forth. I too am very cautious about drying my face so i find that i lightly pat it down at best.

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