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My SOLODYN (Minocycline) Log

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Hello everyone. I haven't been here for a while but now I'm back so you know what that means.

I went to my dermatologist yesterday and she decided that it was time to go the AntiBiotic route.

This is the 2nd time I have gone. The first time was an unsuccessful topical gel. I don't know IF it would have worked for me but I stopped using it for one reason or another. From what I remember it was irritating so alas I was back.

So I was first seen by the "nurse/secretary" she asked if I wanted to let a new doctor come in and look. (I don't know if he was training or something or if he is new to the practice but moving on)

He came in asked me a few questions and then reported to my doctor. A few minutes later she came in with two big boxes. She told me that its time to start using antibiotics.

First is SOLODYN which is Minocycline. 90mg/tablet once a day. 30 minutes after dinner.

She gave me a 3 week supply.


She told me not to fill the prescription until I finished the supply just in case I had side effects. With the 3 week supply of Solodyn she also gave me a "Solodyn Patient access card" which reduces your out of pocket cost on up to 3 prescriptions for SOLODYN tablets.

Long story short, it will cost me only $10 to fill the prescription for the next 3 times I fill it.

For some reason it offers the first prescription FREE for 65mg and 115 mg only. (I'm at 90 mg)

Next we have a "2 month supply" of Triaz(Benzoyl Peroxide 6%) foaming cloths.


Once a day in the shower you wet your face and then wet the cloth. Lather between your fingers to get it foamy and then slowly go over your face in circles for about 20-30 seconds. Then do a quick wipe down of your shoulders and back (if necessary)

Now the reason I said "2 months" is because it came with 30 cloths. However my dermatologist suggested cutting it in half (or even 1/4) because you don't need to use the whole cloth.

PLUS she said if I ran out I could go back and get them for free. :D

This was about a week before I went to the derm:


SO here we go:

First day after Derm visit (1 Pill taken, 1 Triaz treatment)


Second Day after Derm Visit (2 Pills taken, 2 Triaz Treatments)


Third Day after Derm Visit (3 Pills taken, 3 Triaz Treatments)


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