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Would you take this deal?

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You have perfect, flawless skin and NEVER get acne except you get fat really easily.

Like, if you eat one Snickers you gain another lump on your ass.

I would take it.

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umn yeah. i would make sure no never eat anything that makes me fat though.

like...i mean it when i say that i would do whatever it takes to get rid of this horrible skin! The one thing i wouldn't do is sell the soul. But other than that, i'm game.

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Yes absolutely! I regard myself as too thin and would love to gain weight, but it's impossible for me to no matter what I eat. So for me this deal would solve my two major physical issues in one go! Oh if only I could sign up now haha!

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lol so weird I've actually thought about this before. I'd probably take the deal if I could trade my acne for 50 pounds that I'd have to work off, but not being fat forever. Fat people are all like "I'm fat hahaha", but when you have acne its just awkward and you don't want to talk about it with anyone...

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I'd personally love to have a bigger ass.

But yeah, I'd take the deal. There are so many organic/healthy things that even if I did gain weight too easily I'd still be eating healthy still not nearly as fat as I would be by eating that snickers bar.

Exercise isn't a bad component in this equation either, you never said it didn't go away easily! :dance:

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This post made me LOL out loud! Lyssa I love your signature picture!

My skin makes me really self conscious so I would probably take it.

I wan't to be really healthy anyway and I haven't eaten a chocolate bar for yonks.

I think it would make me choose good food to eat, so I'd take it any day! BRING IT ON!

(There's always liposuction and personal training, maybe one of those electronic snappers that shock you when you do something like they put on dogs when they bark...)

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not sure i'd take the deal!

being fat can be as damaging psychologically (if not more so), plus it is hard to hide it if you get very fat

i guess most of us could control our diet and lifestyle more than we can acne though...?


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I don't think I'd take that deal.

I'd much rather have a good, athletic build no matter what I eat/How much I eat with acne as opposed to a fat (and as a result unhealthy), blemish free body.

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i think i would take that deal. i would try hard to eat healthy and exercise, and if i still gained weight, it doesn't matter to me. i don't care what size i am as long as i'm healthy.

I'd personally love to have a bigger ass.

haha me too

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people feel for people who have acne but people who are fat are seen as lazy and greedy which is not always the case .

Not necessarily - people with acne are often seen as unhealthy. Plenty of stereotypes for both:

Fat -



Eats a lot

Doesn't exercise

Acne -


Doesn't wash skin

Greasy skin

Dirty people

There's enough for both, acne isn't necessarily accepted any more than being overweight.

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