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What should my regimen be?

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So background. I first went on prescription when I was 15, I'm not sure what it was, but my skin cleared up dramatically. I eventually waned off of it, but my acne came back when I was 16. Finally, I went to the doctor's office and he prescribed me Differin and an anti-biotic. My skin cleared up, but never fully. I was using it for about seven months, and I eventually got fed up with it and moved onto Exposed. Well, now it's four months after I first used Exposed, and though my skin has cleared up in some places, it has begun to break out elsewhere.

I later realized that the reason why my skin never cleared up fully with Differin was for multiple reasons. 1) I over medicated and did not stick with the "pea size" amount 2) I did not have a daily cleanser I was using and 3) I used stridex every morning. Obviously, a combination of these three would have done some pretty bad things to my skin without me realizing it.

So now I'm back on Differin. I've read up all about it and I've decided it's the best route to take if I use it correctly. However, I'm a bit confused on how to organize my regimen. Currently it's:


1. Shower

2. Shave

3. Cleanse

4. Moisturize


1. Take my anti-biotic

2. Cleanse

3. Put on Differin

4. Moisturize

I'd just like to know when in my routine I should exfoliate, and if I should add any masks over the course of the week (Mint Julep mask, etc.) or if this would be causing too much harm to my skin. Thanks for the consideration!

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