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Need some advice on how to best cleanse

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I'm hoping someone here can enlighten me on how to best use the following products:

  • Bupleurum Liver Cleanse
  • Nature's Secret Candistroy
  • Oxy-Powder Colon Cleanse
  • Eco Clear - Body Ecology's Parasite Cleanse

I am not sure if I should do any at the same time or which to do first, second ect.

Should I start with the Liver, then Colon, Candida then parasite or does it matter?

I don't have any health problems, I've just had acne for too long and I'm sick of it lol and this all sounds helpful. I also recently started eating lots of fruits and veggies and I drink a good bit of water and organic green tea.

So please any advice on doing any of the cleanses' would be really appreciated as I am new to these. I am a 20 male btw, only ~150 lbs so I am also worried about the big cleanses so that I don't lose too much weight and end up in bad condition.


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I personally have not used those products, so I can't tell if you they are effective or not. I have done colon hydrotherapy which is an important piece when you are increasing fiber to remove waste that your body cannot release on its on. Colonics also help to remove parasites. If you cannot get professional colonics, you can do enemas at home, you just need an enema kit. If you have a candida infection though, you should be cutting out foods that are high in sugar, even natural sugars, until it is under control. To effectively cleanse the colon, it is important to eat a healthy plant based diet (lots of fresh, whole plant foods) or a diet made up of mostly plant foods. As far as liver cleansing, I have read in Andreas Moritz's book Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvention that its essential to cleanse the bowel first before doing a liver cleanse. He also has a specific method in his book for liver flushing. The products may or may not be okay to use if you use some of these methods. Its important to do research (read books, look at sites, talk to professionals, etc.) so you cleanse your body properly.

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