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I'm on my 4th month of accutane, and will be done in February. I've had acne since the beginning of 8th grade and still have it now as a Junior in highschool. I literally tried everything from nothing, to proactive, to every prescription, to wive's tales. Since around 9th grade my skin has become bright red all over, not only my face but my arms as well, because of all the medications. I have always blushed really easily, but i had normal skin tone before all this.

Now as most of you know, accutane gives you a "glow" as my derm calls it. So now I'm redder then usual. Which is pretty extreme. My knuckles are even red now. The dry skin from the tane isnt helping either. Also, I have started scarring and my derm says that they will most likely stay a reddish color as well.

So, I'm just wondering, is it even worth it to finish? Even if I finish my skin is permanently dyed a bright red/pink color according to all the doctors and derms I have seen about it. And on top of that, even if my face clears up, I'm going to have red/pink scars all over as well.

It seems so futile to even try in life. I get staight A's and am in the top 60 kids in my class of over 850 GPA wise. I've had one girlfriend, and she just wanted someone to buy her shit, which I did. Everywhere I go, I see people starring at how red I am. Teacher's in school even comment on me calling me the "pink kid." I wake up in the middle of the night, and in such emotional and physical pain (due to my completely dry skin all over my back and entire body) that I have come to the conclusion my life is worthless and once my parents pass away I can kill myself and give no one in the world any sort of emotional problems because of it. I'm 16, and here I am at 6:30 on a friday night. I have some friends, but they all have girlfriends or don't live in town and go hang out with other friends.

My life is as lonely as can be, and I'm just not sure if its worth it continuing with Accutane. They tell you to go off of it if you're depressed, but if I do, then I may never be clear. It makes no sense that some people get to live with some perfect skin, or great sports skills, or almost unbelievable academic abilities. I have nothing special for me, I get good grades, but am no where near a genius.

I'm also sorry if this makes no sense, I tend to come here and just clear my head out as much as I can

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There have been studies that accutane leads to suicidal thoughts. Do some research. Honestly, I've done a lot of research the last year, and it's all trial and error. some things will work, some won't. Think long-term though.

honestly, I know how you feel man. I think everyone on this forum knows what your going through.

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses... including yourself. Just focus on your strengths.

"Whatever that does not kill you makes you stronger"

all this acne that we going through now is making us stronger man. trust me. it humbles us and once we all become clear, it will feel great. Just a test from God (or whatever your belief is).. it's still a test.

Don't give up man. MAN UP. You got a home, food, family, friends, INTERNET?. What about the people in Africa.. or even people in the rough parts of your city.. that don't have acne but are struggling to EAT and find a place to SLEEP.

just my 2 cents.

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if you dont have any more active pimples i would advise you to stay on accutane and finish the course. once you finish the course, your red marks will definitely fade. it may take 1- 6 months for your scars/redmarks to heal and you will have your normal skin tone back. if youre still breaking out then you should evaluate what the best consequences are for each decision/path you choose.

the redmarks will definitely fade over time once off accutane. accutane just makes your skin thin and dry. i would advise you to moisturize. you can try emu oil. its good for reducing redness and scarring but some say it clogs pores. however, i can not vouch for emu oil for i have not tried it personally. but i would say to moisturize. youre skin needs moisture. being dry is not good. think about your throat. it does not feel good to have your throat dry bc you can get a sore throat. kind of the same with your skin.

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