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Help! Trying to Get Food Allergy Test (But No Medical Insurance)

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I have had severe jawline acne for about 5 years now. I have been lately changing my diet drastically, and I have noticed great improvements.

However, I want to even search further. I decided that I want to get a food allergy test and hormones test to see specifically what is wrong with me internally.

Couple Questions.

1) If I don'thave medical insurance at the moment, how much am I looking at? What is the cheapest alternative?

2) Do they do food allergy tests and hormone tests at the same time? Can I get it at the same doctor? Which is more important?

3) I don't even know where to start to look. Who should I call? Which website will help me find local places that will do this?

4) Has anyone had experience with this and has it helped them help cure their skin? Please share your experiences.

*more questions will be added and updated when it comes up.

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I can recommend you a method that is completely free (although it requires a lot of effort) and will be more precise than a test. Go into a hypoallergenic diet for some time, then introduce food back and see how you react, it will be obvious which foods you are allergic to.

Read more about it a hypoallergenic diet here: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/Food-and-...73#entry2356573

I know I didn't answer your specific questions, but I hope that helps.

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