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my skin was finally clearing up while on my new lifestyle and now i'm breaking out in cysts again. i'm trying to figure out why.. i eat a vegan diet with no processed foods, white flour, potatoes, sugar, bananas..basically what i eat is veggies, fruit, nuts, whole grains, beans and tofu. i follow this because my hormones are all messed up since i had a tumor removed from my pituitary gland. i'm trying a chinese medicine approach basically. i've got a bunch of other endocrine problems (like low cortisol and high prolactin) but my skin got better these last few weeks and i was really happy (finally) but now all of a sudden i'm breaking out around my mouth again. it's not that time of the month, i haven't changed anything i use on my face.. all i could think of was overheating oil. i used some olive oil to cook food and i used too much heat so it got close to frying if you know what i mean.. usually i always add oil later after the food was already prepared. i don't know.. can this be it? are we really that sensitive to stuff like this? what else can be the cause? my alternative medicine doctor said that these acne around my mouth are an indication that somewhere in my digestion system waste material is piling up and rotting and thats how the body is trying to get rid of the toxins. i know.. that's so gross.. does anyone have any input on this?

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