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I've been taking Zinc (zinc gluconate 2x/day 30mg) for 3 weeks and I've been very pleased with the result. However I still have a lot of red spots left over from pimples and I was wondering if taking Vitamin E would help clear this up. I hear Vitamin E is very good for the general health of skin and hair and eyes. If you have any experience please leave a comment, I'll start taking vitamin E in addition to my zinc in a few weeks and see if it helps or if it makes me break out and then report back.

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Vit A helps redness right? thats what ive read. It makes red marks disapear a lot faster. Though im not sure if people didnt break out from it. You may want to look in to it. But still if you dont look into it and you wont break out any more. Then you will be totaly clear of everything in a few months.

btw is it read red or readed, well its not the last but what is it, because you say red

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that's an interesting article, thank you for posting it. If you read the original journal article there are some explanations why vitamin E might have some slight negative effects, but the authors of the research also indicate that the study participants already taking vitamin E typically had prior health problems. But I agree it is a good idea to not take more than 400 IU daily. The US the upper saftey limit is 1,000 IU and in Britain it's 800 IU according to BBC, so you're probably not going to collapse after taking 800 IU for a short time

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