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Anyone elses skin get really dry in winter ?

Ugh doing my tits in n topical creams are only contributing to it, i moisturise like a mother fuggler but still it persists, aww man reason 25 why i hate winter.

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I get ridiculously dry skin in the winter. I've started adding more jojoba oil to my moisturizer (and applying a little bit before I apply my BP), and that's been helping a lot.

For my hands and feet, I just use a hand salve. Yes, it's a little greasier than lotion, but my skin isn't cracking and bleeding like it usually does when it gets cold out, so, in my opinion, slightly greasy hands area a small price to pay.

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Yeah, even the skin around my mouth the skin is starting to crack and bleed on one side ugh not cool, i've spent the entire day without washing n just wearing half a tub of moisturiser slapped on my face, aww man all the medicated emoliants jst clog my skin, grrr not impressed.

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Do you have any jojoba oil?

Another option would be to apply a bit of Vaseline or Aquaphor before bed.

No, i don't have jojoba oil unfortunately i do use vaseline however and it's improved slightly since i last wrote thankfully.

I guess it's the irony that annoys me more than anything, jst havin like dry and oily skin combo every winter gets kinda frustrating.

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I never bothered by winter much, it gets really cold where i am but its better than being hot and sweaty in summer. The coldness keeps your pores tight too i think which is good

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acutally moistruing for winter is best , since cold dry air damages the skin barrier. by taking water out of skin which can lead to the dead skin not shed naturally leading to clog pore by dead skin buidling up.. so use al ightweight daily moisture

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