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My 6 year regimen+acne product search for a cure

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This is for anyone curious about the regimen and the general search for the "it" acne medicine that will be that elusive cure

At age 21 in the summer of 2004 I had tried everything under the moon to make my acne go away including minocycline, tetracycline and accutane which i had to stop because it was literally making my lips disappear and turned eating any food into complete embarassment as my lip tissue turned to soup and mush and made it seem like there would be nothing left of my lips if i kept it up, no matter what product I used on my lips, it was just as bad if not worse than acne.

So in the summer of 2004, I tried the Regimen after stumbling on the website. It was the best summer of my life, I didnt get a pimple all summer, and I only applied the regimen once a day. I should note, I was spending all day, everyday outside in the sun during this time.

Then suddenly during the start of October, the acne was back. No matter what I did, it was back, and for the first time ever, I was getting it on my forehead. I followed the regimen and it did nothing.

The acne remained. I started a new job the next summer which was outdoors. I continued on the regimen and had another acne free summer. I then started school, and within a few days of being back, the acne was back, on my forhead as well. No change in my life, nothing to do with eating habits, stress, touching my face, sweat, just I was now indoors instead of outdoors mostly. The acne remained the entire school year.

I worked in a bank the next summer (2006) and was so fed up with the regimen I stopped completely, and as a result my acne was a bit worse. I resumed the Regimen in the fall of 2006 out of desperation, the longest I'd go without some serious acne was maybe a few days at a time. The next summer (2007) I worked inside and aside from a few weeks here or there the acne remained.

Back to school in September of 2007, I was acne free until November. However at the same time I was spending at least 2-3 hours a day in the sun during that time. When november came the Acne returned. It remained until January 2008. I was interning in a prosecuters office as part of my law degree and would be in court everyday for the next 3 months. I was worried, I thought for sure I'd look like an idiot with pimples all of the time. However I was pimple free until April. Not one pimple from January - April. I was using the regimen once at night, and was using Clearasil daily face wash every morning. I have no idea why I was pimple free, absolutely no idea. And then when April came my acne returned even though I was doing the exact same skincare routine and still remaines today.

In the Fall of 2008 I backpacked around Australia for a few months, and with the help of some general neutrogena acne products was generally clear. Once again I was in constant sunlight almost everyday.

In 2009 I moved to far Nothern Canada. Through Winter and Spring my acne was bad, I didnt have more than two days without very noticable pimples. I went back on the regimen and it did nothing for the 3 months I was on it.

In the summer I totally changed the products I used. I used a combination of Neutrogena Grapefruit oil free acne wash (with salicylic acid) AHA and a good moisturizer and jojoba oil. I had tried AHA before and it had done nothing for me. I had 2 pimples all summer, once again in the sun all the time everyday.

In the fall my acne came back so I adjusted again. I now use neutrogena oil free acne wash twice a day ( I use it as a shaving lather), Neutrogena triple action oil free acne stress control toner twice a day and bye bye blemish spot treatment at night as well as Queen helene Mint Julep Masque as needed. The two neutorgena products contain 2% Salicylic Acid and the mask and spot treatment contain sulfur as well as a good moisturizer. Of the years of research I've done, and the experts I've researched and listened to over the years, salicyclic acid is the best ingredient that prevents acne, and sulfur is the best ingredient that treats bumps (acne thats already formed) I still do get pimples, but it's the best non-summer treatment I've used. For starters I get no pimples on my forehead anymore like when I was on the regimen. My skin also isnt half as dry and flaky as with the regimen or any other treatment. The treatments with sulfur are must haves, they do a great job treating acne that you can tell has formed. Unlike all those "spot treatments" out there, it atually does something. It doesnt work perfectly all the time, and it definitely hasnt cured my acne, but my acne isnt quite as bad as usual this winter.

Other things I've tried for my acne: sleeping with a fan on my face, using a humidifier in the non summer months, taking fish oil, using the maximum recommended dose of Vit D for sunlight deficiency, zinc, other types of supplements, vitamins, trying every type of different diet possible to try to find my "trigger foods" (I have none, of that I'm absolutely sure) I've tried every product out there from cleansers to toners to moisturizers to anything anyone can imagine.

A few things about my situation. I only used the regimen once a day. If I used it more than once a day my skin turns all to flakes, no matter what kind of mosturizer I use, even Dan's own official regimen mostuirizer. If i do the regimen twice a day, when i eat or brightly smile, my whole face turns to flakes and is far worse looking than acne is.

I have followed the regimen to the letter. From the routine, to the official products to every bit of advice you ever hear about certain foods, not touching your face, exercise, sweat, stress, alcohol, you name i've researched it and tried it never works.

My acne is what I'd describe as moderate. When i get a pimple it's big, not small, it's very noticable, my worst spots are the right and left part 2-3 inches under my mouth like where the bottom of a handle bar mustache would be, those pimples are always enormous and akward and turn into giant whiteheads.

I don't have any advice for anyone, I was just hoping to help anyone who was curious if this regimen really work and if theres anything else out there that can work. If anyone has any suggestions please share, I'm always open to suggestions.

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how long were u on the regimen till u decided to only do it once a day? B/c after some time the flakes should go away or be less noticeable. And it seems like the inconsistency of using the products did you far worse than good. Patience is key.

But hopefully you had fun in australia and canada. I want to go to australia.

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how long were u on the regimen till u decided to only do it once a day? B/c after some time the flakes should go away or be less noticeable. And it seems like the inconsistency of using the products did you far worse than good. Patience is key.

But hopefully you had fun in australia and canada. I want to go to australia.

I used the regimen for periods of over a year at a time. I give all regimens I use at least a few months. I was never able to do the regimen twice a day. Even doing it once a day would cause my skin to flake whenver I ate. I must have tried 10+ moisturizers as well as jojoba oil etc etc. I could never understand how other peoples skin could tolerate twice a day.

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