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Any Guys Who Use Makeup For Your Scars?

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GoodLife, women know everything about makeup, and they would pick up on it right away. Very bad idea unless you are an actor on stage.

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I tried it, but it seems to make scars stand out more. :(

So it looks better without make up, unless you just have red marks and no real pitted scars.

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Nothing is wrong with males wearing makeup. Seriously, women who look down on this are setting the women's movement back 50years. There's nothing feminine about it and the market for men's makeup and skincare is growing by the day.

You shouldn't wear it daily and you should really do lots of research. I use Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup (Bare Essentials I think) but I only use it when I go out, which isn't that often since school just started again.

Just remember to wash it off afterwards.

I wouldn't wear it to go to the bank, the post office or to a friends house or whatever.

But it really does help when I'm going out and having dinner.

It makes me less self conscious about my scarring and acne.

You get over the initial 'are they staring at me? can they tell?' phase.


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