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Warning about fraxel

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i went in there already, but the Dr didnt event show, he was out of town,instead i got this beautision who was at the meeting

saying to me it was all caused by my acne and riddiculed me to no extent,she basically tried to show me no way fraxel was the cause it was all caused by my acne im like wtf, my acne was zero to none

and i came in for pigmentation problems and came out with scars?


i was on training course / work was hard to find days off just to suit them, because i was on intense training course for 12 weeks basically if i miss one day of class i would miss 1 module

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same pictures ive forward TO the clinic but i added captions for you guys obviously i covered my eyes for my personal privacy, zoom into the pics if you like



By acneorg at 2009-12-04

ok i dont know how to add the image so its like a image post there but if you hit acneorg it should take you to my picture.

Acne.org doesn't allow direct images any more, but you can upload your images as attachments, and they'll show up in your posts as thumbnails that people can click on.

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Just give them a call, explain the situation and make an appointment with the doc?

Btw, those scars... how long after ur 2nd fraxel did it take for them to appear?

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sorry to hear about your situation with fraxel. Your skin is very good overall. Look into a 1.5mm dermaroller and led therapy. You can do it yourself and it is very cheap compared to going to a Dr. for treatments... There are dozens of posts on led's and derma rolling or derma stamping as well as journals and logs. Also a derma rolling sticky at the top of the scar treatment forum page. (READ UP AND RESEARCH) it is not an over night miracle. But it works and it can help your skin improve greatly in time if you are willing to do the work. Good luck.

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I know exactly what happenned,same thing happenned to me in some areas when i did the Fraxel. underneath your red spots ARE scars,there like small pockets that widen as you go deeper and you won't know this unless you dig deeper.That is nobodys fault,i'm sure the doctor had good intentions and didn't want to ruin your skin...its rare but it does happen.Think of it as river beds under the skin that run patterns and are irregular.

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Hi Syn1122,

I've read all of the emails you sent to the clinic and also saw your before/after pictures.

I am sorry that you're angry and sad about the result of your second Fraxel. However, your emails sound confusing and at time a little threatening.

You accuse the clinic of destroying your skin- yet your skin in "after Fraxel#2" pictures seems exactly the same from your "after Fraxel#1" pictures. That's confusing. Whether or not those pictures accurately describe the states of your skin before and after your Fraxel#2, I obviously don't know. But for me, you did have the same amount of pitted scars in your "after Fraxel#1" pictures. So I feel that you didn't get those pitted scars, at least most of them, from your second Fraxel. Also, your skin is nowhere near close to "destroyed" in any of your pictures. So your using the term makes you look overly dramatic in your emails. You know how people tend not to take dramatic people seriously..

Also, You need to ask whatever it is that you want from them. An apology? Compensation? Your money back? Otherwise, the more emails you send to the clinic, the crazier you start to appear. There is this person accusing the clinic of destroying his skin yet when the clinic is asking him to come in for the second time, he's resisting. Then he continues to send numerous emails asking why he needs to come in. "Why?" "What for?" If I worked in this clinic, I would be "WTF, I thought that's what he wanted? To come in and have a discussion?".

I hope that you and your clinic will eventually reach some kind of resolution. Good luck to you.

P.S. Be careful with what you write in the public forum. Listing the names, location and email address can potentially put you in trouble when there is little proof.

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Ok, but they are still very mild. What made you decide Fraxel was the best option for uneven pigmentation? Was it your decision or did a professional advise you?

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