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At my two week appointment, my derm informed me that my triglyceride level had gone from an already bad 297 pre-Accutane to almost 600. That is after taking Accutane only 9 days. Yikes!

She told me that if my numbers aren't better at the next visit in 2 weeks, she'll have to take me off Accutane.

Here is what she advised:

Cut out fats

Cut out sugar (as much as possible)

Take Omega-3 supplement (I'm a vegetarian -- so I chose FlaxSeed Oil rather than fish oil)

Has anyone else experienced this? If so, what worked to get your triglyceride levels down? I've only got 2 weeks to do it -- so I need some help to figure out the best way to get them down in the fastest way possible. I REALLY don't want to stop taking Accutane.

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My diet is pretty bad normally. I'm overweight and eat too much sugar which is why my triglycerides were elevated to begin with. But, my diet hasn't changed in the 9 days since I've been on Accutane (even with Thanksgiving -- I was very well behaved :)). So, the spike is pretty much caused by Accutane, but, if I can clean up my diet, I'm hoping to get my numbers down and keep it under the 600 mark so I won't have to stop taking Accutane. I didn't have this problem the first time I took Accutane, but I was also 10 years younger and 50 lbs lighter ...

tv_viewer: Thanks! That is very helpful. I'm going to post it on my fridge :)

These diet changes are something I should be making anyway ... just didn't have the willpower before -- but now I've got some strong motivation to stick with it!

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That's a great list to go by. You may even find that the healthier Accutane eating habits turns into a complete lifestyle change. Now that you've got the motivation, there's no stopping ya. :) Best wishes!

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